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Humanise your brand by putting your people at the centre of what you do to engage, retain, and attract the best talent

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Better engagement, better return on investment

User-Generated Video is already everywhere, including inside your business. Seenit gives you the power to harness it to build a trusted and engaging, people-powered Employer Brand strategy.

of employees are disengaged in both their role and business

More applicants applying to your roles with Seenit created videos

Reduction in the cost of producing video with Seenit (vs. production)

Employee-Generated Content boosts video engagement on average 2x

Employer brand

Engage your employees

Employee-Generated Video makes it easy for people to tell their unique stories in a personal way, helping highlight the individuals that make a company what it is.

Building Alexa with Beach Access: Amazon Santa Barbara

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Employer Brand

A day in the life

Shot by employees in their own way, it's a great way to show your culture and the personalities that make up your company.

What is a Brand Specialist?

Example from Amazon

Make your Employer Brand stand out more than ever

Enter the age of Employee-Generated Video to increase engagement, retention, and attract new talent.

Employee-Generated Video



Join the Storytelling Generation

Storytelling when paired with video can massively increase the engagement of your content and helps make your messages memorable.

People spend 2.6x more time on pages with video than without

Video on a page can increase conversions by 80% or more

72% of people would rather learn about a brand by way of video

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading

So, what is Seenit?

From idea to crowdsourcing to editing final video, manage it all inside Seenit. We take care of global content permissions, enterprise-level security and online storage.

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Seenit enables anyone to create video

You don't need any prior video experience to collect content from your colleagues and create amazing videos with Seenit.

Everything you need to collect User-Generated Video...

Seenit allows you to create videos with anyone: simply share the story you want to tell with your community and they become your film crew.

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Record anywhere

Crowdsource User-Generated Videos from anyone, any time and anywhere in the world

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Guide your filmers

Direct your community with detailed filming instructions to get relevant and best quality content

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Global content rights

100% GDPR compliant, all content rights are covered and your community data is protected

... and edit it into compelling stories that are truly engaging

Our online editing suite allows anyone to become an editor, while our video intelligence tools help you make the most out of every contribution.

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Online editor

Easily create videos from your uploads using our comprehensive online editing suite

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Enhanced by AI

Using the latest in AI, we automatically tag and optimise every upload you receive

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Content Library

Full cloud-based hub for all your User-Generated Video, with comprehensive tagging and access controls