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Full transparency, there isn't a simple pricing table on this page. That's because we customise our packages based on your needs.

No matter how big or small your team is, we have a package for you.

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Simple pricing

From start-ups to the world's largest enterprises, we have a package to suit your needs and budget.


Unlimited access

All packages come with unlimited contributors, storage, and projects.

Extend the platform

From professional editing and bespoke training to single sign-on and custom contracts, pick and choose add-ons to extend the platform.

Don't just take our word for it

Companies all over the world use Seenit to enhance their employer brand, reduce video spend by 70%, and increase video output 9x.

Seenit has helped us win Best Employer Brand and made the journey a whole lot of fun!

Timothy Patrick Schepis Photograph

Timothy Patrick Schepis


We’re on a journey to use User Generated Video more and more. It’s an authentic way to tell stories and it matches perfectly with Trustpilot’s brand for openness

Ryan Fewsdale Photograph

Ryan Fewsdale


Seenit presents a huge opportunity for us, both for our employees and with the outside world

Laura Turkington Photograph

Laura Turkington


We have found a tool that supports our content strategy: to create authentic, genuine content, filmed by our staff and customers

Faye Elmore Photograph

Faye Elmore


Kahn's video [produced with Seenit] still holds the record for the most number of comments of any video we've published internally

Peter Tilley Photograph

Peter Tilley


Everybody has a unique story to tell, and UGV allows you to do that, and it is still professional storytelling at the end of the day!

Scott DeFillipo Photograph

Scott DeFillipo


Business as usual is about empowering employees, helping people to tell their story

Jennie Carter Photograph

Jennie Carter


Seenit fuelled creativity and made the experience of programme making playful and accessible

Richard Marson Photograph

Richard Marson


We’ve been working with Seenit for a while now, creating content with our employees

Matt Sharp Photograph

Matt Sharp


[The success of the video] has inspired the whole team about what's possible with Seenit

Sadie Nachtigal Photograph

Sadie Nachtigal


Through Seenit, it's possible for us to produce unique, community-driven content by inviting anyone to be a contributor and a creator

Bronnie McCarthy Photograph

Bronnie McCarthy


We wanted to capture the experiences of kids during the first lockdown and without Seenit we really wouldn't have been able to tell that story

Richard Marson Photograph

Richard Marson


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Frequently asked questions

If you are hesitating, don’t worry! We get questions all the time, so we’ve popped the most common ones below to help you out.

Seenit is a subscription-based service. For a one-off payment, you get access to the Seenit platform for a whole year. And the best part? Unlimited projects and videos!

Seenit is not for one-off videos. We are all about partnership and long term value from your user-generated stories. We work closely with our customers to help you transform how you engage with your communities by digging deep into your goals, brand, and culture. That’s why our minimum subscription term is 12-months for Professional and Enterprise, and 3 months for Starter.

Not at all! With our training tools and online platform, Seenit empowers anyone to create video.

We've been helping companies from all over the world collect User-Generated Video for the last 8 years and in that time we've learnt how to put contributors at ease and help ensure you ge the best uploads.

You do. Seenit takes care of all the content rights that grants you global permission to use any content uploaded, or you can use your own.

Anyone - be that your colleagues, customers or community. Seenit allows you to create with anyone around the world with access to a smart-phone or computer.

Seenit should automatically translate based on the users’ default browser language since it’s a web-based platform. All platform text fields are free-form text, so studio users can set up briefs in whatever language they want. Seenit is a Unicode platform, supporting any character set, including ümlauts and accents. The only caveat is that we don’t support right to left text just yet.

The return on investment you can expect to see varies based on your company and use case. As an example, using Seenit a global financial institution reduced spend on video by 70% and was able to increase video output by 9x. Speak to one our sales team to explain the return on investment you can expect to see. In addition, see how Seenit compares to other production methods.

User-Generated Video is an emerging space, so it's okay to have more questions. Speaking to a member of our team is free and they'll be able to answer any more questions you have.

Be sure to check out some of our example videos for inspiration.