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A day in the life

Show what it's like to work in a specific area or role at your company to attract the best talent

29 Apr, 2022

5 min

Talent Acquisition
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Roxane von Hurter

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Story introduction video

Intro video
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A Day in the Life
Story introduction

We're documenting a day in the life at our fantastic company ☀️, from when you wake up to when you go to bed!

Do get creative with this, film together with your teammates and upload everything. The more content we get from everyone, the better the video will be!

Please answer the questions below and remember to follow the top tips to ensure you capture the best quality content.

⭐️ The 5 L's of filming with your smartphone ⭐️

✔️Landscape: Film everything in landscape

✔️Listen: Make sure we can hear you (avoid background noise)

✔️Lighting: Try to avoid light coming from behind you, like in front of a window - natural light is the best 

✔️Location: Film somewhere with an interesting background 

✔️Lens: Try to look into the lens when filming, not at yourself!

For more information on what makes great b-roll go here 👉Ultimate guide to b-roll


Introduce yourself - tell us your first name, role and where you are based
Tell us about your morning routine. What time do you wake up? Do you do anything before work? Are you a morning person?
What happens in your day at work? Who do you interact with? How do you spend your lunchtimes?
Do you do anything after work? What happens in your evenings?
Share any content that supports your stories, e.g. on your way to work, a tour of your workspace, etc.
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About this template

To give people an idea of what it is like to work at a company, beyond job descriptions and slogans. Ask people to film a typical day in their working week. This could include meetings, projects lunch rituals, company socials, and more.

Videos like these can be used to advertise specific job vacancies, or as part of a wider employer brand campaign.

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Final video

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