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Earth Day

Celebrate our planet by shining a light on your community's initiatives to preserve the environment

22 Apr, 2022

2 min

Employer Branding
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Earth Day
Story introduction

We're celebrating {Earth Day 2022} by gathering and sharing a compilation of your nature photos and showcasing what you do to support our planet.  

Whether you shoot mountains or molehills, blue whales or bluebottles or maybe just a picture of a bright blue sky, we'd love to see them! We also can't wait to hear what Earth Day means to you. 

Please upload to this project by {Monday 18th April} for them to be featured in our video.

Happy {Earth Day}!


Upload your Earth Day photos or videos here!
What does Earth Day mean to you?
How can we support our planet? Are you taking measures in your day-to-day life to be more eco?
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About this template

Celebrations for internationally recognised days, weeks or months, can often go under the radar. Creating a video can capture some of the ways your business celebrates, as well as give employees an opportunity to share personal stories and build a more open and authentic culture.

The one we created here was a super simple structure - this led to some great insights from the team and is proof that simple is often better!


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Final video

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