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Your customers are your best salespeople. Boost conversions by showcasing them

24 Sep, 2021

5 min

Video Production
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Roxane von Hurter

Customer Success Manager

Story introduction video

Intro video
Story title
How has our product helped you?
Story introduction

Share your story with us and tell us how our products have made an impact on your life.

We'll use your video and hundreds of others from our community to help other people discover us globally! Simply record a video and upload it below.  🎥

Find somewhere interesting to film, try to speak as naturally as possible (being on camera might feel a bit weird at first) and have a few practice tries. It doesn't have to be perfect but rest assured your Story is massively important to us!


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Who better to spread the word about your product than the customers themselves? Using video to show the real people who have benefitted from your product will have a real impact on your marketing.

Take a look at the testimonials that Moshi, an award-winning, audio-only app that helps kids get to sleep faster, pulled together with their customers using Seenit.

Final example video

Final video -

Final video

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