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Employee Spotlight

Highlight an employee and what they do each day in order to showcase diversity, workplace culture and/or job specs

1 Dec, 2022

5 min

Employer Branding
Robyn Matthews image

Robyn Matthews

Senior Customer Success Manager

Story introduction video

Intro video
Story title
Employee Spotlight
Story introduction

Hi there!

Thanks for agreeing to be a part of this Employee Spotlight video. We can't wait to highlight all the amazing work that you do and showcase the real, human side of our businesses.

We are looking for a video that touches on both your professional achievement but also gives us some insight into you personally as well.

Please make sure you read the below instructions before you start filming:

⭐️Introduce Yourself!
Tell us your name, role and location

⭐️Your Role
Give us an overview of your role and the impact it has on your team/the company.
How big is your team?
Who do you work closely with?
What do you love about your role?

⭐️Show us how you work
Show us your work setup
Introduce us to a colleague
What projects are you currently working on?
Film any supporting footage of your actual work

If you have recently been recognised for a work milestone or achievement- tell us about it.
What did you do /what impact did you have?
How did you feel when you were acknowledged?
Has this achievement inspired you to do anything differently?

⭐️Outside of work
This is your chance to showcase your life outside of work and for us to get to know you a bit.
Do you have any hobbies?
What do you enjoy doing when the workday is done?
Introduce us to any pets!

Happy filming!


Introduce yourself- name, role and location 🌎
Your role- overview and impact! 💻
Show us how you work! Setup/colleagues/projects 👷🏻‍♀️
Achievements - personal, team or companywide? 💥
Outside of work- hobbies, pets, flatmates? ⚽️
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About this template

An employee spotlight is a great accompaniment to a job advert, it showcases workplace culture and gives a direct insight into the role at hand. Especially when it might not necessarily be clear what that role does to an outsider. The employee spotlight we ran here, was also used to share insights across teams and help promote our company culture to potential employees.


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Final video -

Final video

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