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Sharing a video to tell the world you're hiring and more about the role.

9 Oct, 2021

5 min

Talent Acquisition
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Roxane von Hurter

Customer Success Manager

Story introduction video

Intro video
Story title
We are Hiring!
Story introduction

Hi there!

Thanks for agreeing to be a part of this Hiring Video. This is your opportunity to really highlight the amazing work and culture here, and show the human side of our businesses.

We are looking for a video that gives a clear idea of what we're looking for from the successful candidate, but that also demonstrates why it's so great to work here as well.

Take a look a the scenes descriptions below and then upload!

⭐️Introduce Yourself!
Tell us your name and role within the team

Why do you love working here?
What are some of the extracurricular activities and initiatives that make working for your organisation special?
Tip: Try and get some shots of these things, e.g. if it's the people, make sure we get to see them!

⭐️The role
What is the role you are recruiting?
What are the core responsibilities of the role?
What kind of cool projects could the successful candidate take part in?
What are some of the best things about working in your team?
What attributes should the successful candidate have to thrive in the role/your organisation?

Please remember to also film b-roll as well - this could be pets, work, your colleagues- anything and everything. For more information on what makes great b-roll go here 👉 Ultimate guide to b-roll



Your name and job role 👋
The culture at our company 💥
The role and its responsibilities 💻
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Introduce prospective employees to the team and give them an idea what its like to work at your business! This is a great way to showcase your workplace's culture, accompany a job ad or just generally get the word out that you're hiring. 


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Final video -

Final video

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