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Leadership Q&A

Enable your employees to have their questions answered by your leadership team 🗣

1 Oct, 2021

5 min

Employee Engagement
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Roxane von Hurter

Customer Success Manager

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Share your question for our leadership team!
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Hello and welcome this Q&A project with leadership! 

This is your opportunity to have your most burning questions answered by our very own leadership team. 

Please make sure you film somewhere quiet so we can hear your questions clearly, and look directly at the camera 

Ask anything you like, from business to personal, and have fun with it!

The deadline for submission is XXX  

Looking forward to hearing your questions👏 

Use this template

About this template

To provide an opportunity for your colleagues to ask questions, challenge decisions and have a direct dialogue with leadership.

This format is particularly effective during times of change to help open a dialogue and enable bottom-up communication. It is also a great way to keep the conversation going following an event like a town hall.

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