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National Inclusion Week

Move the conversation about diversity and inclusion from among an engaged few to a broader audience this National Inclusion Week.

22 Jul, 2022

2 min

Employer Branding
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Anna Lisova

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National Inclusion Week
Story introduction

This year’s {National Inclusion Week} theme is {Time to Act: The Power of Now} and so it’s even more important than ever to move the conversation about D&I from among an engaged few to a broader audience.

So we want to hear from you about how you have been made to feel included at {insert company name}. 

Please upload to this project by {insert deadline} for them to be featured in our video.

Before you start filming make sure your surroundings are relatively quiet and you have an interesting backdrop, whether that's at home or in the office. Remember there's no such thing as too much b-roll! Please do upload as much as you feel comfortable with, bloopers and all!

    Happy {National Inclusion Week}!


      How have you been made to feel included at {Sky}?
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      Celebrations for internationally recognised days, weeks or months, can often go under the radar. Creating a video can capture some of the ways your business celebrates, as well as give employees an opportunity to share personal stories and build a more open and authentic culture.


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