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12 Dec, 2020

5 min

Video Production
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Brendan Freer

Senior Customer Training Manager

Story introduction video

Intro video
Story title
Releases and Updates
Story introduction

It's this month's release roundup, please give us a rundown of the following:

  • Changes/updates made the product βœ‚
  • Those involved and the part they played πŸ‘‹
  • What benefits these updates will have 

​​​​​​Please also film a short demo of the release where possible. 

​​​We will pull together this month's info into a short video to be sent out to the rest of the company at the end of the month.

Thank you so much!


This month's changes/updates made to the product
Who personally or which teams were the key drivers behind these changes ?
What benefits will these updates/changes have on our customers?
Use this template

About this template

 A video is a great way to bring to life those product updates that you need to tell people about. You can not only tell them but show them too! It's about sharing product developments in the most engaging way possible, through the people who know best.

This works really well as a repeatable format which means both contributors and viewers are familiar with the structure and know what to expect.


Final example video

Final video -

Final video

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