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Seenit allows you to connect with your community in new ways, sharing their voices.

Seenit allows you to connect with your community in new ways, sharing their voices.

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Seenit Video Production Solution for Creators

Seenit’s video production solution helps creators capture the moments that a camera crew never could while reducing the spend by 70% and increasing output 9 times.


Video Production meet Video Crowdsourcing

Tell the real story

From collecting different angles of events as they unfold, to letting cast members shoot on their own terms, Seenit helps capture what a camera crew can’t. User-Generated Video offers a different kind of content that’s essential for any production toolkit.

BBC Freshers 2018

BBC Freshers - In Their Own Words

Different documentaries

Allowing your cast members to film your production gives you access-all-areas to people's lives. Filming in their environment, on their terms, helps people feel comfortable to tell stories in a more human way. It is also a great way to gather footage remotely.

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Our school

Involve fans

Bring more passionate voices into your productions through User-Generated Video and make the conversation more interesting.

BT Sport fan pundit

BT Sport - Premier League Tonight

Tell more stories

User-Generated Video is a great way of creating more content around a show or topic, like teasers or video diaries. 

Channel 4 Paralympian

Channel 4 Paralympics

Better engagement, better return on investment

Seenit helps you bring more voices into your content, and connect with your audiences in different ways

Seenit can reduce the cost of video production by 80% compared to traditional methods

On average, UGV reduces spend on video by 70% and increases video output by 9x

Nearly 4 billion people have access to smartphones, all capable of sharing their own stories

Seenit is a fully remote way of producing video

Featured case studies

Enhance your employer brand, engage your team, reduce video spend by 70%, and increase video output 9x with Seenit, the leading User-Generated Video platform.

  • How Amazon uses Seenit to bring their employer value proposition to life

    Amazon has been using Seenit since 2018. Amazon's Employer Brand and Recruitment teams have the challenge of being the fastest growing team in the world so needing to hire at volume, while also competing against the likes of Apple and Google for the best talent in the tech space. On top of this, Amazon needed to increase trust with the brand and demonstrate their commitments to issues such as diversity and inclusion and climate change, in order to appeal especially to younger generations of talent.

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  • How Vodafone uses Seenit to bring together the voices of their employees from over 25 markets globally

    Before Vodafone had the tool Seenit, they were only able to film people in one office. Now, they can spread it globally across all markets and get that sense of inclusion and diversity

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  • How H&M North Europe is breaking down geographical barriers across 7 countries

    H&M North Europe uses Seenit to strengthen their regional community feeling through locally relevant material. As well as showing common ground and a shared sense of direction between colleagues working in different countries. Seenit has helped H&M break down geographical barriers between colleagues across 7 countries.

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