Transform your employees/fans/consumers/bloggers/colleagues/audience/team/journalists/community

into your film crew


Seenit in a nutshell

Seenit is an invitation only collaboration platform. You can call out to your fans or select specific professionals to start capturing and join your 'film crew'. 

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You’re In Good Company

"Seenit has enabled a transformational change at Bauer Media. It's supercharged the pace and quality with which our entertainment and news gathering teams can capture video content in the field, and the speed with which they can get it to our digital audiences."

Stuart Duncan, Director of Digital Content

Bauer Media
"Seenit helps us to efficiently create engaging videos around our conferences and meet-ups. The result of empowering our employees and customers with the ability to contribute video has increased the authenticity and engagement with our films."

Bindi Bhullar - Head of Marketing

Couchbase EMEA
"Seenit provided fans around the world with exclusive access to behind the scenes action. Creating phenomenal engagement levels, it is now a fundamental element of our fight week coverage."

David Allen, Senior VP & General Manager of EMEA

"At STA Travel, we know because we go, and thanks to Seenit we are putting creative control in the hands of our Travel Experts. Together we are pioneering creative and collaborative video capture for our staff, and this is just the beginning!"

Tor White, Global Creative Director

STA Travel
"Seenit enables rich, beautiful content to be created fast by those who care most – your consumers, your employees, your brand advocates."

Zeta Fotakopoulou, Global Media Innovation

"The Seenit app allows BBC Earth to reach out directly to audiences, and them to communicate directly with us, placing their experiences and stories at the heart of our coverage."

Matt Walker, Editor
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Activate those at the heart of your brand to be your content creators.

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Keep control through the ability to easily direct, curate and edit resulting in consistent high quality user video.

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Grow your own selective filming community; no one will create or share more valuable content than the people who care most about the brand.


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Speed to market, ability to be reactive and stay relevant with your content. Maximise your resources.


It couldn't be easier

Just load scripts into the Seenit app and direct your film crew to capture and upload video clips to your private online Seenit Studio.

Easily curate, edit and share video from the studio as soon as the content is uploaded, send rewards and feedback to inspire and motivate your crew.


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