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Quick! 5 foolproof ways to frame your shot

In this episode, we'll be covering five staple ways of framing your shots to get you the best footage.

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Written by Ed Stennett

22 Jul, 2017  –  4 min read

1. The portrait

The key to a foolproof portrait shot is to keep yourself or the person you’re shooting slightly off centre and in front of a simple, colored background.

You can shoot this selfie style, set up a tripod or prop your phone on a surface, or get a friend to shoot you!

2. The interview angle

If you are shooting someone else, position yourself at a slight angle so that they are not looking directly into the camera to achieve an interview style effect.

3. The buddy shot

If being in a clip alone feels unnatural for you, grab a friend! With someone else there, you can bounce ideas off of them, making it feel more conversational and natural, plus it helps you frame the shot.

4. The busy background

An easy way to create a visually interesting shot is to find a busy background with depth of field.

5. The establishing shot

Last but not least: the establishing shot. You can’t go wrong with setting the scene. The key to a good establishing shot is to stand far enough away to capture the whole scene. Try finding lines of symmetry to help with framing.

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