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Transform your talent attraction with employee voices

Bring your employee experience to life with Seenit, the AI-enabled employee-generated content platform

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The AI-enabled employee-generated content platform

Collect employee content and create engaging videos in minutes.

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Guaranteed results, you can measure

Talk to our team for more examples and to see what results you could expect.


Increased career page click-through rate



Increased engagement across communications



Increase in engagement on social media



Increase in employee advocacy


    "We were up and running in the first week of go live, it was super quick and the platform is really easy to use."


    "Videos created on Seenit got 48% increased reactions on our social channels and 74% increased views."


    "Employee engagement increased 13 percentage points and referrals 14 percentage points after introducing Seenit."


    "We've seen 67% higher view rates with Seenit created content."


    "It's a no-brainer for other brands to use Seenit."


    "We have found a tool that supports our content strategy - to create authentic, genuine content."


    "Seenit helped us win the Best Employer Brand Award."

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Across the employee and candidate experience

From job descriptions to team updates, create employee video with ease

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Why Seenit?

Combining the best of technology and industry-expertise to ensure your success.

Machine Powered

Machine-powered meets People-powered

Combine the best of AI tooling to help you create great content quickly, with the authenticity of employee-content.

10 years experience

Over 10 years experience in employee-generated content

Get results faster with 10 years of data and insights built into the platform, and a team of experts available to advise you.


Built to scale with you, with enterprise-level security

Designed to help any team have real impact, Seenit easily integrates into your business to streamline your content creation.

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Frequently asked questions

You are missing an easy way to enhance your existing efforts and achieve better results; and it will help you stay ahead of companies like yours competing for top talent.

You will collect and create better content, that is more effective at helping you reach your goals (that's also measurable, legally compliant and with enterprise security).

Super fast. Customers generally are creating their first videos from employee-content in week one of using Seenit.

Seenit is the leading employee-generated content platform and we have solutions for every budget that guarantee ROI.

Speak to our team today to see how you can test the impact of Seenit for your team.