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Companies like H&M, Vodafone, and Trustpilot use Seenit to create employee-generated content, and build a culture of inclusivity and engagement

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Novartis CEO

Here's how Seenit can help

Improve engagement, productivity & retention

Employee engagement is key to a company's success. Research from Gallup suggests that companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable.

Involving employees in video production is an excellent way of keeping them engaged with your organisation.

And the best part? Employee-shared content gets 8 times more engagement than content shared by the company.

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Video competitions

Video competitions create a companywide buzz and allow employees to share more of who they are. Plus, they might help uncover some serious talent in your ranks, like Walter.

Freedom's Got Talent - Here's Walter Archer

Example from Freedom Mortgage

Photo competitions

A photo competition is a great way of engaging lots of people. You can get some amazing content to use across your communications and even build a unique stock library. Watch the video to see what HSBC did with some of the 8000 photos from their people.

Photos from our world

Example from HSBC

Employee Resource Groups

Employee-generated video is a powerful way for colleagues to spread awareness about initiatives they care about. It can provide a great platform for engagement and inclusivity.

Global Volunteer Day

Example from Warner Bros. Discovery

Improve your engagement with employee-generated video

Engage, retain, and empower your colleagues with employee-generated video.

Overall, companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable.

Of employees are disengaged in both their role and business.

Employee-generated video is 3x more engaging than traditional video.

Employee generated content boosts video engagement on average 3x.

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Results you can measure

Talk to our team for more examples and to see what results you could expect.

Increased career page click-through rate


Increased engagement across communications


Increase in engagement on social media


Increase in employee advocacy


    "We were up and running in the first week of go live, it was super quick and the platform is really easy to use."


    "Videos created on Seenit got 48% increased reactions on our social channels and 74% increased views."


    "Employee engagement increased 13 percentage points and referrals 14 percentage points after introducing Seenit."


    "We've seen 67% higher view rates with Seenit created content."


    "It's a no-brainer for other brands to use Seenit."


    "We have found a tool that supports our content strategy - to create authentic, genuine content."


    "Seenit helped us win the Best Employer Brand Award."


Is Seenit the right tool for my company?

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Frequently asked questions

In short, you'll save time, effort, and money.
You won't need to spend hours going back and forth collecting content from contributors or downloading videos individually to edit them together. From capturing and editing to organising and hosting, Seenit allows you to create employee video all in one place.
No more wasting your time jumping between emails, direct messages, video hosting platforms, and editing software.

You're always in control. 
Seenit is also fully GDPR compliant and secure. We take care of all the content rights between your contributors and you, granting global permission to use any content uploaded.
You can empower anyone on your team to create video and approve what content they can use. This way, your team will create brand-approved content every time.

From the number of uploads and contributors, to video views and average watched percentage, you'll find tonnes of insights into your content performance metrics in your Seenit studio. Your studio dashboard and performance analytics will help you iterate and improve your content and track Seenit's impact on your key metrics.

You don't need a big team to succeed with Seenit–we work with teams big and small. Our platform has been built to be as easy as possible for people to create videos, with no experience required.
Need some extra help? Your dedicated customer success manager will help you every step of the way. We also have a team of professional editors and producers to help run and edit your projects whenever you need them.

The return on investment you can expect varies based on your company and use case. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will work closely with you to ensure you see ROI.

If you'd like to get an idea of how Seenit can help your business, check out our ROI calculator or speak to a member of our sales team.