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Create content that employees actually engage with

Leading comms teams at companies like H&M, Trustpilot, & EE use Seenit to create videos that increase engagement across their channels by up to 249%.

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Make communicating a little more human and a lot more effective

With 74% of employees feeling they miss out on company updates, and attention spans reaching new lows, the fight for your colleagues' time is on.

Comms teams must look for new tools and channels to break through the noise and deliver timely, effective, and human communications.

And that’s where we can help. Seenit is the employee video software built for internal comms teams.

Trusties in Color

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Break through the noise with video

Research shows that 95% of information is retained when in a video vs 10% when written. Coupled with the need for more human comms, Seenit’s employee video software is the missing piece in your internal comms strategy.

Collect, create, and host videos with your colleagues. Communicate better with your business with videos that employees actually engage with.

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Champion the employee voice

With people 3x more likely to trust employees than leadership, putting the employee voice front and centre of all your communications has never been more important.

Seenit’s software lets you harness the cameras in your colleague's pockets to help make your communications more human and effective.

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Make your communications more engaging with employee-generated video

Using video in communications provably improves your ability to engage your colleagues.

Communications with employee videos have up to 249% more clicks than those without.

Of information is retained when in video format compared to 10% when in text, comms teams need to incorporate more video

One comms team using Seenit saw a 450% boost in video views using Seenit created content

People are 3x more likely to engage with peer content over leadership

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You are missing an easy way to enhance your existing efforts and achieve better results; and it will help you stay ahead of companies like yours competing for top talent.

You will collect and create better content, that is more effective at helping you reach your goals (that's also measurable, legally compliant and with enterprise security).

Super fast. Customers generally are creating their first videos from employee-content in week one of using Seenit.

Seenit is the leading employee-generated content platform and we have solutions for every budget that guarantee ROI.

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