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From video job descriptions to personalised candidate communications, attract hard to reach candidates with employee-generated content.

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Here's how Seenit can help

Attract the best talent

How do you stand out from the crowd in a busy candidate market? How do you get your employee-value proposition across in a way that actually engages?

Research says that over half of candidates use social and review sites to learn more about companies before applying for jobs.

Use Seenit to create employee-generated content that reaches and engages hard-to-find talent. From day-in-the-life to team spotlight videos, use your colleagues to showcase your company culture.

Get more quality applications

When your ideal candidate is on your career site, is it absolutely clear that this is the company for them? Why should they choose you over other alternatives? You can make that decision easier with video.

Long gone are the days when your job specs are a wall of text. Candidates expect to see what life is like inside your company and to hear from the people hiring for the role.

Seenit enables you to collect content easily from your colleagues so you can create video job descriptions.

And the best part? You can expect to see up to 36% more applications on posts accompanied by a video.

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Keep your network engaged

Engaging your network with content that resonates is crucial to attracting the best people.

Video is a great way of engaging and expanding your network. Research shows that people stay up to 5x longer on social media videos than they do on static content.

Seenit enables you to create on-brand content in minutes.

From recruiter tips to job of the week videos, engage your network with Seenit created content.

Improve your hiring with employee-generated video

Using video in recruitment provably improves your ability to attract and hire the very best people.

Employee-generated videos on career pages can increase the click through rate by a factor of 2

Of millennials care about culture as a deciding factor in choosing a job

Job posts get 36% more applications if accompanied by a video

Recruitment agencies are reporting 800% more engagement with job ads that have video embedded

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You are missing an easy way to enhance your existing efforts and achieve better results; and it will help you stay ahead of companies like yours competing for top talent.

You will collect and create better content, that is more effective at helping you reach your goals (that's also measurable, legally compliant and with enterprise security).

Super fast. Customers generally are creating their first videos from employee-content in week one of using Seenit.

Seenit is the leading employee-generated content platform and we have solutions for every budget that guarantee ROI.

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