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Seenit Photo of the Year

Back at the beginning of 2019 we ran an internal photo competition, the aim being to get to know the whole team a little better, as well as sprucing up our marketing materials with some funky new stock

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Written by Ed Stennett

30 Dec, 2019  –  4 min read

Back at the beginning of 2019 we ran an internal photo competition, the aim being to get to know the whole team a little better, as well as sprucing up our marketing materials with some funky new stock 🕺

The competition had 410 entries and formed the foundation of what we now call ‘The Seenit Stock Library’. After the success of the competition, we opened the library up so that anyone could contribute using the Seenit Capture app and the project id seenitpics; anything uploaded would go directly into our stock library. As more and more uploads came in, we started to share our photo of the week across social media.

As I write this, the ‘The Seenit Stock Library’ holds 1414 uploads from 443 locations across the globe. We are now in a position where no longer need to use stock sites, and can completely rely on our own, crowd-sourced library, where not only are the photos completely unique, each one has a story to tell. Where stock footage on the whole lacks authenticity and at times can be downright weird (search ‘business success’ if you don’t believe me), your own crowd-sourced stock proves to be the antidote to that 🙌

And so, as 2019 comes to a close, here is a selection of our favourite photos uploaded throughout the year. We’ve picked images that meant something to us, this could be because the photo captured a special story, showcased creativity, or it was just a great photograph. At the bottom, we’ve picked our top three photos of the year 🎉

A selection of our favourite photos of the year 💃

Yellow Labrador hiding in bag

Photo by: Camille Thillaye


Photo by: Charlotte Emms

Man holding a butterfly

Photo by: Emily Forbes

Christmas tree

Photo by: Kathryn Rockwell

Beach sunset walk

Photo by: Krishan Patel

New York rooftop

Photo by: Nick Rainey

Asian sunset

Photo by: Tiziana Giordano


Photo by: Brendan Freer

Bird on a boat

Photo by: Camille Thillaye


Photo by: Dan Farley

At a gig

Photo by: Charlotte Emms

Church in front of skyscraper

Photo by: Ed Stennett

White walkway

Photo by: Elisa Bassini

Sitting on top of a large hill

Photo by: Krishan Patel


Photo by: Rich Wisby

French farm

Photo by: Melanie Koehler


Photo by: Nick Rainey

Boat in the ocean

Photo by: Rich Wisby

Lake view

Photo by: Scott DeFillippo

Asian street

Photo by: Roxane Von Hurter

And the runners up are… 🏆

Girl on top of mountain

3rd place 🥉

Photo by: Diana Rautner

Taken at the top of Poonhill, our third place winner shows our very Tiziana Giordano catching the amazing Nepalese sunrise whilst travelling through Asia 🌄

Two women laughing

2nd place 🥈

Photo by: Charlotte Emms

This was taken on 35mm film and uploaded to Seenit back in September 2019. It show’s Rocky and Emily enjoying a drink at the old Seenit office and, let’s face it, everything looks better when shot with film 📽

And the winner is… 🏆

Two women scuba diving

1st place 🥇

Photo by: David Forbes Shot using a drone and uploaded to Seenit back in July 2019, the photo shows two swimmers enjoying the blue waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands and, as I look out of the window at a cold, grey, and drizzly London, I just can’t get enough of that water 🏖

And there there you have it 🤓

We hope you enjoyed scrolling through some of the photos from the Seenit Stock Library. You never know, maybe it’s even given you some inspiration about how you can enhance your companies stock photography 😅

If you’d like to contribute to the Seenit Stock Library, simply download the Seenit Capture App, enter the ID ‘seenitpics’ and upload your photos - just make sure you have the consent of anyone in the picture! 📸

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