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Meet Lifeplus

Lifeplus is an international referral marketing company offering high-quality nutritional supplements & organic skincare.

They became a customer over five years ago to showcase the variety of people who sell for and buy Lifeplus goods and how life-changing it is. More recently, Seenit is now being used for recruitment, marketing, and events.

Health, Wellness, and Fitness
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“User-generated content is firmly part of our strategy. The Seenit platform allows us to remain connected with our global community of Members to create authentic and inspiring stories filmed from their perspective. It brings the brand to life.”

Faye Elmore, Head of Customer and Brand Marketing

The challenge

Lifeplus initially needed a way to collect video stories from their 10,000+ associates and employees worldwide to engage their communities around events such as their flagship ‘Wellbeing for life’ festival. Attendees come from countries all across the world, so ensuring everyone could take part in the video project, no matter what language they speak, was a fundamental challenge to overcome, too.

The solution

Seenit enabled Lifeplus to capture the truly inspirational atmosphere and emotions at their events through their global community of Members, who are most passionate about what the brand stands for.

“We quickly realised Seenit offered more opportunities beyond event content and so factored in bringing our customer stories to life through our customer campaigns. Other departments outside of Marketing have also adopted Seenit, as a way to help us communicate internally, manage teams through change as well as help our recruitment process.”

Faye Elmore, Head of Customer and Brand Marketing

Since then, Lifeplus has been working closely with the Seenit Creative Services Team to take their content to the next level. With support from expert video editors and working hand-in-hand with production coordinators, Lifeplus has highlighted company culture for colleagues and potential talent. The videos created with Seenit showcase the breadth of experiences available to Members, bringing the brand to life and encouraging new Members to join in the process.

“Through collaboration and creative steer from Seenit’s Creative Services team, we’ve been able to turn user-generated content from both colleagues and Members into captivating stories, which really showcase our mission and our values”.

Toni Jones, Talent Manager

The result

Over the years, the Lifeplus team has run over 100 projects, balancing editing themselves in-platform and working with Creative Services. They turned over 4,000 shots by 550 contributors into amazing videos. Throughout the years, and especially during COVID, the content created helped represent colleagues and Members while connecting them with the global community at Lifeplus. Videos are shared across channels, both internally and externally, and have become their best-performing social media content to date.

“The people at Seenit are, for me, what makes Seenit. The tech and the platform go without saying to help to facilitate the end result but, ultimately the added value comes through the great team and the service they provide”

Faye Elmore, Head of Customer and Brand Marketing

Some of Lifeplus's best videos