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Rubix is Europe’s largest supplier of products and services for industrial engineering, maintenance and operations.

Rubix chose Seenit to put its people at the heart of its content with user-generated video.

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“Seenit makes it very easy for our people to submit content, which helps us feel confident we're getting what we need to tell the story we want to tell.”

Peter Tilley, Communications Director

The challenge 

With employees based across Europe, Peter Tilley was brought in from heading up corporate comms at Royal Mail to be the Group’s first communications director.

As the organisation was newly formed – following a merger – it was early days for the communications function. There was an over-reliance on written communications shared by email as well as language barriers and a disengaged workforce to contend with.

It was clear that we needed to call time on the newsletter. I wanted to move to short-form video, I wanted it to be user-generated, and I wanted the stars of the show to be the people who were dealing with our customers every day. Even if the production quality was low, I knew it would be high on authenticity. That’s exactly where the balance needs to be for effective employee communication.”

Peter Tilley, Communications Director, Rubix

The solution

The thinking was to get Rubix to a place where communication within the organisation mirrored much more closely how employees were communicating and consuming content outside of work. 

This required a new way of thinking about internal comms, which led to Rubix TV. Effectively a branded, mini, in-house television channel, Rubix TV is powered by Seenit and allows Peter and his colleagues to produce and promote video content captured by employees from across the business.

“The whole approach is built around the end product we want – engaging, memorable and repeatable stories that make sense of corporate strategy.”

Peter Tilley, Communications Director, Rubix

Peter’s aim of creating and sharing short-form, employee-generated video content meant winning employees over, which meant keeping the process of video capture and editing simple and straightforward - if not for them, then for himself.

“Seenit makes it very easy for our people to submit content, which means we get what we need to tell the story we want to tell. It’s a very small team here and we’ve been learning as we go but the tutorials and account management support from Seenit make the editing process very easy. Our contributors are usually pleasantly surprised at what the edited version of it looks like.”

Peter Tilley, Communications Director, Rubix

The outcome

Rubix TV has been rigorously tested by Peter. From a pilot episode reviewed by 1,000 colleagues across the organisation (the majority of whom were overwhelmingly positive) to specific requests for feedback in the annual employee engagement survey, Peter isn’t resting on his laurels. 

“We correlate responses to questions about communications initiatives to overall levels of engagement, and then correlate employee engagement to customer satisfaction and financial performance. This allows us to track the impact of our work on the business, ensuring that we continue to create value.” 

Peter Tilley, Communications Director, Rubix

The employee net promoter score has risen 57 points since 2018. Now, Rubix TV is set to push the rise in engagement even further. With the programme growing and employees increasingly tuning-in, Peter is working with the leadership team on how to continue building its presence within the organisation.

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