Be part of the stories that matter most

Lend your voice and be part of a bigger, people-powered story. Pick up your camera and film around the topics you care about, all with a super-simple upload link powered by Seenit

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Seenit, in a nutshell 🌰

So you’ve been invited to film to your story and you’re wondering, what’s Seenit? Simply put, Seenit is a video tool that allows anyone, anywhere to take part in a collaborative story. If you’re seeing an uploader link or an invite to download our capture app and enter a project ID, it’s because someone has a story to tell and they need your help to tell it.

It all starts with a link

You’ll be invited to contribute to a story via a super-simple upload link containing all the information you need to upload, along with a few handy tips and tricks

Graphic showing content being uploaded through Seenit

Become more than just a contributor

Whether it’s a happy birthday message, or a brand looking for people to review their product, you can take part in that story and have your voice heard with Seenit

Graphic showing someone filming using Seenit

Top filming tips for uploading on your phone

When filming, keep your hand steady and remember to look directly at the camera. Try to find some good lighting in a quiet space, and the rest is up to you. Speak from the heart and remember, it's ok to fluff up on camera. Have fun!

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