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It's like having your very own in-house creative team

From editing to creative support, we take the content you collect through Seenit and turn it into something remarkable.

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Work with world-class video editors to make something remarkable

Our team of professional editors help you take the content collected with Seenit, and turn it into a polished final edit. From motion graphics to creative storytelling, we help you create something that's truly remarkable.

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Take your content to the next level

Work with our team of producers and video editors throughout the entire production process. They'll help you come up with ideas, run projects, collect content from your contributors and of course, edit your final videos. From planning through to post, we've got you covered.

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Experts in employee-generated video

Take a look at how we work with you to maximise the potential of your content. From handling creative production to collaborating with top-tier editors, you can rely on us every step of the way.


Professional editing

Our team specialises in employee-generated content and knows how to enhance its impact while preserving its authenticity. From first cut to final video, we deliver you the best results from your content.


Motion graphics

We craft brand-tailored motion graphics that seamlessly integrate with your videos. From animated text that reinforces your message, to eye-catching transitions that keep viewers hooked, our motion graphics enhance the storytelling experience.


Multi-language support

With our multi-language subtitles your employee-generated videos become accessible and relatable to audiences around the world, expanding your reach and amplifying the impact of your content.


Production support

We work closely with you from initial concept to final cut, providing guidance and expertise every step of the way. Whether it's offering creative input, assisting in planning or refining the final edit, we're committed to ensuring your content delivers.


Bespoke animation

Add a creative twist! Typically used to help convey a concept, demonstrate timelines or to simply bookend your video. Our skilled animators transform your concepts into captivating visuals to complement your content's message.


Creative storytelling

We excel in creative storytelling for employee-generated videos. We transform raw content into captivating narratives that engage and resonate - let your videos leave a lasting impact through our unique approach to storytelling.

And produce content worth talking about

See how global brands have used Seenit to power their internal and external communications.

Meet our incredible team

Monique Edgson

Post Production Coordinator

Monique is the Creative Services coordinator at Seenit. Her background in project management combined with a passion for storytelling, enables her to collaborate effectively with our team of editors, ensuring that your content reaches its full potential.

Maisie Duff

Video Editor

Maisie works as a Video Editor in the Creative Services team at Seenit. She pulls from her wide range of industry experience to provide feedback and level-up your videos, ensuring that they’re not only engaging, but also authentic and impactful.

Nick Streatfield


With over 10 years experience working with employee-generated video, Nick's experience spans across being a Creative Lead, Video Editor, and Motion Designer. Nick leads the way in creating content at the very highest level.
Brendan Freer


With 8 years of experience across film and production, Brendan works as a video editor. He has been working with Seenit customers for nearly seven years, helping them create best-in-class videos.
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“I’ve loved working with the Professional Editing Team here at Seenit, they’ve allowed us to get the best out of our content.”

Laura Turkington, Vodafone