Aligning how to give back with what you do as a business

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Aligning how to give back with what you do as a business
Cause: Using data for good

Join Paul Abrahams, Head of Corporate Communications at RELX for a conversation with Emily Forbes, CEO and Founder of Seenit on using storytelling and owned media to maximise impact

What we will cover:

  • The importance of being authentic to your business when thinking about how to give back.
  • Using storytelling to maximise impact
  • The ROI from running lasting and impactful social impact initiatives

Meet the speakers

Paul Abrahams Photograph

Paul Abrahams

Head of Corporate Communications at RELX

Paul Abrahams is a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers. Paul spent more than 15 years as an award-winning writer and bureau chief at The Financial Times in Tokyo and San Francisco.

Emily Forbes Photograph

Moderator: Emily Forbes

CEO and Founder

With a background in documentary and production, Emily founded Seenit with a mission to create a more open, human and inclusive world through the power of collaborative storytelling. With the belief that everyone has a story worth telling, and an opinion worth contributing, she has built a platform to enable any organisation to co-create User-Generated Video with their own employees, amplifying the voices of those most knowledgeable and passionate about a subject or situation. Seenit today is working across the UK, Europe and US powering stories for customers such as Amazon, Citi Bank, and Sky.

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