Building confidence and amplifying voices through storytelling

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Building confidence and amplifying voices through storytelling
Cause: Empowering underserved youth

Join Abby Verbosky, Program Director at Reel Works for a conversation with Arianna Rehak, CEO and Founder of Matchbox Virtual Media on how storytelling through video can have a significant impact on individuals, communities and the growth of your company.

What we will cover:

  • The importance of video when conveying a story
  • The impact storytelling can have on society
  • How storytelling fuels Reel Work’s growth (and therefore the empowerment of more young people)

Meet the speakers

Abby Verbosky Photograph

Abby Verbosky

Program Director at Reel Works

Abby Verbosky graduated with a degree in photojournalism and anthropology from Scripts College of Visual Communication then spent the past ten years in New York City managing artists for galleries, exhibitions, as well as teaching storytelling and media education workshops for various non-profits, The Fashion Institute of Technology and abroad in New Zealand. Simultaneously, for the past five years, Verbosky has worked full time at Reel Works, serving as Program Director for the last three years. 

Moderator: Arianna Rehak Photograph

Moderator: Arianna Rehak

CEO and Founder of Matchbox Virtual Media

Arianna committed her career to finding ways to channel the power of collective knowledge for social good. Realising that the approach could be used to tackle major needs in different industries and professions, she successfully corralled a fearless team to found Matchbox Virtual Media, a virtual conference production company. Now stepping into its third year, Matchbox partners with dozens of associations, non-profits, and universities around the world to bring their communities together to co-create solutions and meaningfully host the conversations most pressing to them. 

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