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Employee Generated Content formats to stay ahead of the curve in 2024

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About this Webinar

Robyn Matthews, Creative Service Lead, and Maisie Duff, in-house video Editor, discuss these trend predictions and the simple formats you can use to explore them in your employee-generated content plans. 

1. Artificial Intelligence

Robyn and Maisie touched on the importance of maintaining a human focus, in light of the rise of AI. They discussed the potential of AI as a tool to enhance rather than replace and should be implemented thoughtfully to amplify the authentic voices of employees.

Discussing this snippet from our webinar with Mars, Maisie highlighted the connection between AI and stock imagery and how important it is to use real employees in communication. Storytelling should be in the hands of storytellers to tell real stories and achieve a genuine connection.

They concluded that AI has made content creation easier, but consumers want content that is authentic, original and human. With the trust recession, creating value-driven, compelling and emotionally engaging content is more important than ever.

2. Diversification

Robyn explained that diversification isn’t just about addressing someone by their name; it’s about understanding their needs. Tailoring the Employee Value Proposition will help close the gap between what organisations want and what workers need.

Encouraging employees to share their own personal experiences is key to get employees involved in content. Robyn and Maisie discussed a recent project with NatWest, where shifting the focus to the impact of the policy on employees increased the contribution rate. NatWest understood the importance of empowering employees and giving them control of the content that was shared.

3. Advocacy: employees as influencers

Robyn highlighted a crucial 2024 trend: encouraging parasocial relationships, which is when someone feels a personal connection to a famous person though they have not met. Robyn and Maisie discussed the impact of spotlighting people in your content in combination with using the right channels for the right content. Nowadays, Gen Z use TikTok as a search engine more than any other tool. Highlighting the importance of speaking the language of the audience you’re trying to connect with.

@sheerluxe Music we *think* the team are listening to (laughing emoji) #officebanter #sheerluxegirls #whatwerelisteningto #spotifyplaylist ♬ original sound - SheerLuxe

Robyn and Maisie looked at a video example from Sheerluxe’s TikTok, featuring employees and turning them into brand celebrities. The video was well-received on social media and got high engagement in the comments.

“Get your geeks to talk about the things that they geek out about. Give them the space to nerd out.”

Robyn Matthews, Creative Services Lead at Seenit

What are we leaving in 2023?

Robyn and Maisie took on a recent trend to look at ‘Ins’ and ‘Outs’ of content this year.

IN 🔥

  • Gamification and polling
  • Posting where your audience lives
  • Snappy, repeatable formats

OUT 🙅‍♀️

  • Posting and ghosting
  • Blanket posting across platforms
  • Day in the life vlogs

Meet the speakers

Robyn Matthews Photograph

Robyn Matthews

Creative Services Lead

Robyn Leads Seenit’s Creative Services team, partnering with our customers to help them elevate their EGC and take their creative ideas to the next level. Before she embarked on a career in technology, she worked in the television industry for the best part of a decade.

Maisie Duff Photograph

Maisie Duff

Video Editor

Maisie works as a Video Editor in the Creative Services team at Seenit. She pulls from her wide range of industry experience to provide feedback and level-up your videos, ensuring that they’re not only engaging, but also authentic and impactful.

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