How to Make Storytelling More Accessible

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How to Make Storytelling More Accessible

Cause: 4 Hacks for Overcoming Human Nature


Join Heather Loesner, Chief Medical Officer for American Animal Hospital Association for a conversation with Arianna Rehak, CEO for Matchbox Virtual Media on how human nature gets in the way despite good intentions and 4 hacks to make human participation easier, better, and smoother.

What we will cover:

  • Working with human nature to achieve a high level of participation
  • Keeping your participants at ease with technology and performance
  • Enjoying the process!

Meet the speakers

Heather Loenser Photograph

Heather Loenser

AAHA’s Chief Medical Officer

Heather is a rare veterinary extrovert, she graduated from Iowa State University in 2003 wondering how to capitalise on her theater training, her drive of connecting with people, and her obvious passion of caring for pets. She spent 10 years cultivating her adrenaline- junky nature in emergency medicine, but since joining AAHA in 2015, overjoys in using her passions for team-building, theatre, and content creation to support the AAHA membership in reaching their goals of practicing the highest quality medicine with the most engaged teams possible. 

Moderator: Arianna Rehak Photograph

Moderator: Arianna Rehak

CEO and Founder of Matchbox Virtual Media

Arianna committed her career to finding ways to channel the power of collective knowledge for social good. Realising that the approach could be used to tackle major needs in different industries and professions, she successfully corralled a fearless team to found Matchbox Virtual Media, a virtual conference production company. Now stepping into its third year, Matchbox partners with dozens of associations, non-profits, and universities around the world to bring their communities together to co-create solutions and meaningfully host the conversations most pressing to them. 

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