How might we use social good initiatives to support future action?

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About this session

This workshop offers a great opportunity to network and co-create with speakers and other attendees of the summit, and to get your creative juices flowing!

For this interactive session we hope to fuse everyone’s creative energy and experience to come up with possible solutions on: How might we use current social good initiatives to support/inspire future action?

  1.  What are some social good stories that need telling?
  2.  How might we lower the barrier to entry (make it easier to participate)?
  3.  How might we meaningfully invite new voices to the table?
  4.  How might we collaborate with our communities to tell more inclusive stories?
  5.  If we wanted to measure the impact of social good initiatives what are some good metrics of success?

We will start with a collaborative brainstorming session for initial ideas to answer those questions, then choose a few to bring to fruition, and finally break out into small groups to turn those ideas into tangible solutions. We will be sharing the co-created results of this workshop after the summit with everyone.

This session has a maximum capacity of 50 participants on a first come first serve basis. 

Meet the speakers

Emily Forbes Photograph

Emily Forbes

CEO and Founder of Seenit

With a background in documentary and production, Emily founded Seenit with a mission to create a more open, human and inclusive world through the power of collaborative storytelling. With the belief that everyone has a story worth telling, and an opinion worth contributing, she has built a platform to enable any organisation to co-create User-Generated Video with their own employees, amplifying the voices of those most knowledgeable and passionate about a subject or situation. Seenit today is working across the UK, Europe and US powering stories for customers such as Amazon, ING, Spotify and Novartis.

Arianna Rehak Photograph

Arianna Rehak

CEO and Co-Founder of Matchbox Virtual Media

Arianna committed her career to finding ways to channel the power of collective knowledge for social good. Realising that the approach could be used to tackle major needs in different industries and professions, she successfully corralled a fearless team to found Matchbox Virtual Media, a virtual conference production company. Now stepping into its third year, Matchbox partners with dozens of associations, non-profits, and universities around the world to bring their communities together to co-create solutions and meaningfully host the conversations most pressing to them. 

This event is closed for registration

Please follow the link you were sent via email to join this event. Or you can register below to be sent a link to watch the sessions on demand when available.

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