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10 tips to create a social media employee engagement strategy

Highly engaged employees are a blessing for any organisation. Here are our tips on how to engage your employees with the help of social media.

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5 Dec, 2022  –  6 mins read

Almost every business has a social media presence these days. Having one is important because it allows you to connect with your customers in a way that wasn’t possible before. But having a social media presence isn’t only about marketing and sales. It’s also a great way to engage with your employees and foster a sense of community within an organisation. Social media employee engagement has become increasingly popular in recent years, so we’ll discuss some tips on how to engage your team on social media to help you stay ahead of the curve.

What is a social media employee engagement strategy?

A social media employee engagement strategy is designed to boost morale and foster a greater connection between employers and employees. It involves creating content that encourages meaningful conversations, sharing company news and updates, engaging with followers through polls, surveys or contests, and celebrating employees’ successes. Additionally, social media provides organisations with an effective channel to collect employee feedback, helping them better understand their needs and ensure they are supported.

Overall, a well-executed social media engagement strategy can promote a positive culture within the workplace while connecting employers with the broader community. Plus, it establishes a platform for transparent communication that bolsters trust between both parties. This is essential for reinforcing constructive relationships in any organisation. By implementing such strategies consistently and creatively, companies can maximise their impact on employee wellbeing whilst showcasing the positive values of their brand externally.

10 employee engagement ideas using social media

The drivers of employee engagement vary from person to person — from recognition and rewards to make sure your team feels valued and respected. In line with this, you can use key social media strategies to keep your team connected and engaged. Here are 10 tips to maximise social media for your employee engagement strategy.

1. Identify social media platforms which are relevant to your business

From Twitter and LinkedIn to Instagram and YouTube, several platforms can be used to reach different audiences and promote a variety of content:

  • LinkedIn: Generally speaking, professionals in the workforce will have an active presence on LinkedIn, allowing organisations to co-opt and create content tailored toward their employees and industry peers.
  • Facebook: Organisations can showcase their culture and give employees exclusive access to special announcements, new initiatives and company updates. Facebook is great for joining groups, creating your own, and sharing posts and updates.
  • Twitter: By tweeting about day-to-day tasks and milestones, you can help keep motivation levels up — even when staff are remote. Twitter can also be a great space to source new talent.
  • Instagram: This platform is great for ramping up engagement through visuals – from creating visually appealing posts about company events to staff accomplishments or employee recognition, as well as sharing office vibes with the wider world.
  • TikTok: This relatively new platform is a great way to promote fun videos or activities, highlighting your organisation’s values and culture.

Remember that keeping an open dialogue with your workforce, regardless of your chosen platforms, helps foster an authentically collaborative environment.

2. Share content and updates which are relevant to your employees

This could be anything from sharing important work-related announcements, celebrating employee successes, or providing special offers that help to engage and reward your employees. You could also feature behind-the-scenes footage so your team can better understand the company’s daily operations or record videos of employees interacting and talking about their experience working in the company.


Regularly updating relevant information on social media can create a stronger connection between your team and your organisation while expanding your reach to other potential candidates and customers. This will give existing staff members a sense of appreciation and show new recruits what makes working at your company a unique and rewarding experience.

3. Survey employees to identify what they would like to share

Employees may have great ideas for content that could be shared online but will feel uncomfortable or empowered to take initiative. Consider conducting anonymous surveys which will give your team a platform to voice their opinions and provide valuable insights into the kind of content they’d like to see featured. Getting employee video ideas can help ensure you are using social media to effectively engage and motivate your employees with relevant content. You may be surprised at the creative ideas that your team comes up with.

4. Help employees with content they want to share

Once you have identified the content your employees would like to share, help them create it. Provide guidance and resources to ensure that the content is high quality and accurately reflects their message. This could range from offering basic editing tips to helping them develop interesting storylines or captions. This will show your team that you are invested in their ideas and want to help them succeed.

5. Ask employees for a quote on current industry topics

Stay on top of industry news and start conversations with your team about current events. Ask employees for their opinion on the latest topics, which could potentially be featured in a post or article about the company. This will allow them to get involved and have their voice heard while also allowing you to showcase your company’s expertise. For example, you could feature an employee’s thoughts on industry trends or changes in the market. Or, ask for a quote from one of your team on what innovative approaches they are taking within the company. This will help to keep your content fresh and engaging while also helping to create an environment of collaboration and open dialogue.

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6. Recognise employees on social media

Peer recognition is an important part of creating a positive and collaborative workplace — social media can be used to showcase this effectively. Show your employees that you appreciate their hard work by featuring them on social media. Highlight their successes, recognise achievements, or simply show appreciation for their contributions to your organisation. This will help to foster an environment where employees feel valued and appreciated while also demonstrating the value of teamwork to potential recruits and customers.

7. Get employees involved in company updates/product launches

Post updates about upcoming projects or milestones in which the team can participate, such as developing new ideas or brainstorming concepts. This will give employees a sense of ownership while also creating an environment of collaboration. It will also allow you to showcase your organisation’s strengths and capabilities. You can even use social media to announce product launches or updates, which will help create hype and generate excitement among your team.

For example, have employees post pictures of themselves with a product or talk about their work. This will be a great way to show potential recruits and customers that the work environment at your organisation is collaborative, creative and innovative. It will also promote a company-wide culture of ownership and pride.

8. Run polls & contests on social media

Ask questions about current industry topics or get creative and create quirky prompts. This will spark conversations among employees while also providing a platform for them to express their thoughts and opinions. You can even create competitions where teams have to come up with the best ideas and solutions. After posting, you can use the results to generate relevant, engaging, and informative content.

9. Use social walls in company events

Social walls encourage employees to post pictures, share their thoughts, or even submit questions. It’s a great way to create a sense of community and connectedness in the workplace while also allowing your team to show off their personalities. You can use the content from the social wall in future social media posts and campaigns, giving your organisation a more personal touch.

10. Celebrate their personal life on social media (if they agree)

Show your appreciation for employees’ personal lives by celebrating their achievements and milestones. Talk about their children, sports teams, or hobbies — whatever it is that makes them unique! This will help create a more connected and personable workplace while allowing your team to express themselves fun and creatively. Of course, make sure that employees are comfortable with having certain aspects of their personal lives shared on social media before going ahead.


With these tips on how to get employees to engage on social media, you can use this tool to create an environment of collaboration and openness at your organisation. Using an employee-generated video platform like Seenit, employees can create highly-shareable videos for your employer brand. Get started today to promote the creation of quality videos that will engage your employees, customers and potential recruits.

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