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Employee value proposition survey: Questions to ask

A well-thought-out EVP helps you position yourself to potential candidates and supports your employer brand. But is it still holding up strong? You need to survey.

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24 Jan, 2023  –  4 mins read

Getting the best talent is challenging for many organisations, and there is fierce competition when recruiting the employees you need to build your business. A strong employee value proposition is essential to help you hire great employees. This builds your reputation as an employer brand and makes you more attractive to potential talent. Here is our top advice on what to add to your employee value proposition questionnaire when looking for employee feedback.

Why conduct employee value proposition surveys?

Recruitment is tough. The recruitment market is constantly changing, and the needs and expectations of candidates will also change over time. This means that your employee value proposition (EVP) needs to be up to date. The best way to do this is to survey your employees and ensure that your EVP aligns with their wants. Otherwise, you might find your offer irrelevant to potential candidates.

How often should this be conducted?

How often you survey employees and review your employee value proposition depends on your industry. For example, the tech industry tends to change and move faster than other industries like healthcare or education.

In general, it is advisable to do an EVP review annually. An annual review means you do not have to go through the process too often, as it can disrupt workflow and mean more work for managers. It is also frequent enough to ensure that you keep up to date with any core industry changes.

Top questions to ask in an employee value proposition survey

Picking the right employee value proposition survey questions is important. Make sure that the questions give you a good look at what your employees want. The questions should be concise and clear, to save time for your employers and ensure you get helpful answers.

There are several important questions to ask when reviewing your EVP. It’s important to ensure that you get a good mix of questions to check your overall progress, too. Remember that different employees have different priorities, so a wide range of questions will help you figure out all the important aspects to potential candidates in your field. Some of the best employee value proposition questions are:

Compensation and benefits

While it can be challenging for employees to openly discuss their compensation and benefits, your EVP survey should encourage employees to discuss it. Getting your compensation and benefits right will help attract the right candidates. Questions for this section include:

  • Are you satisfied with your pay?
  • Are you satisfied with how raises are handled?
  • Do you feel you are paid at market value for your skills and experience?
  • Do you feel that your compensation is discussed enough with you?
  • Are you happy with the benefits you receive?
  • Are there any benefits you feel are missing from your benefits package?
  • Is your health insurance, dental insurance and eye health insurance sufficient?
  • Are you happy with your work-from-home and office balance?
  • What do you think of the company’s retirement and pension plan?

Career growth and progression

Many consider career development a big factor, but it can also be hard to talk about. When you are planning your EVP survey, this can also be a great time to talk with your employees about how they see their career progression. Some useful questions are:

  • Does this company offer enough progression for you to consider this a long-term career plan?
  • How important is career progression to you?
  • Do you get enough constructive feedback from your superiors?
  • Do you get unhelpful feedback from your superiors?
  • Are you given enough opportunities for education and professional development?
  • How important is education to you?
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Workplace culture

Different workplace cultures suit different people, so you may get very varied responses to these questions. They are useful to help you figure out how to improve:

  • Do you feel you align with the company’s values?
  • Is your work recognised and rewarded?
  • How supportive are leaders and managers?
  • How important is social responsibility to you?
  • Do you feel that you get to contribute to the company’s decisions?

Physical work environment

This section can vary a lot depending on who you are, so it is a good idea to use broad questions to collect feedback:

  • Do you feel the work environment is comfortable?
  • What could improve the work environment?
  • Do you have a chance to interact with other employees as much as needed?
  • Are there any problems with the work environment?

Summary: Employee value proposition survey questions

Using the questions above, you can easily make an employee value proposition survey template useful for multiple years. Be sure to address new issues that might be relevant, to maintain and increase employee satisfaction. Getting feedback on your EVP can help you push forward as an employer brand and make sure you attract the right candidates. See some of these employee value proposition examples for more ideas to help you build your EVP.

Want to make your survey go further? Why not try a video format with Seenit, the employee-generated video platform.

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