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Seenit platform overview

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Last updated: 3 May, 2023


The Seenit platform is a cloud-based video collaboration platform that enables organisations to create, curate, and share user generated content. The Seenit platform allows multiple users to contribute footage, collaborate on edits, and distribute content across multiple channels.

User Interface

The Seenit platform is a web-based tool that can be accessed on both desktop and mobile devices. This means that users can access the platform from anywhere with an internet connection, making it highly convenient for remote teams or users who need to work on the go.

The interface of the Seenit platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for users to upload and manage their video footage. This means that users can easily upload footage that they have captured on their mobile devices or cameras, as well as footage from other sources.

Once the footage has been uploaded, users can create and edit projects within the Seenit platform. This includes tasks such as trimming and arranging video clips, adding text overlays or other graphics, and incorporating music or other sound effects. Users can also collaborate with team members within the platform, allowing multiple users to work on a project simultaneously.

Finally, once a project has been completed, the Seenit platform allows users to distribute their content to various channels, such as social media or other online platforms. This makes it easy for users to share their videos with a wider audience and ensure that their content reaches its intended audience.


The Seenit platform includes the following features:

  • User management: Admins can manage users, permissions, and access controls.
  • Video upload: Users can upload video footage from their devices, and includes a custom camera that allows more control over the footage collected.
  • Project creation: Users can create projects to coordinate the collection of videos from a group of people.
  • Video editing: The Seenit platform includes a video editing suite that allows users to create complete videos from their collected footage.
  • Collaboration: Multiple users can collaborate on projects and edits
  • Distribution and Hosting: Users can distribute their video content across multiple channels, including social media, websites, and email using an embedded link
  • Knowledge base: A comprehensive knowledge base with articles, tutorials, and FAQs.

High Level Technical Description

The Seenit platform uses the following technical solutions:

  • The Seenit platform is hosted by industry leading ISO 27001 certified providers such as Google Cloud platform and AWS and utilises different Availability regions to maintain a highly available solution.
  • Seenit uses a distributed document database, and all customer data is logically separated.
  • All data is encrypted at rest and in transit using industry standard encryption.
  • The Software Delivery Lifecycle of the Seenit platform includes multiple layers of security testing, static code testing, automated penetration testing and vulnerability scanning.
  • Public web applications are single page apps (SPA) and therefore stateless on the server side.
  • All API requests must pass the authentication check of user identity and authorization. Authentication is handled using JWTs and authorization is handled using platform roles.
  • Supported Browsers - Google Chrome 40+, Microsoft EDGE 16+ and Firefox.