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Beta services

Schedule 7

Last updated: 3 May, 2023

  1. Beta Services (i) may not work in accordance with the Documentation, or may contain errors, defects or bugs; (ii) are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis; and (iii) shall not be covered by clause 11) the Services Levels or the Support Services. 
  2. Subject to clause 15)c) (Limitation of Liability), and as an exception to the provisions in clauses 12), 15)d)ii) and 15)e), we:
    1. do not make nor give any sort of representations, warranties, guarantees, obligations, conditions in relation to the Beta Services; and
    2. expressly disclaim all liabilities, regarding the Beta Services and your use thereof; 
  3. Where you provide feedback to Seenit about the Beta Service, you agree that we own any feedback that you share with us. 
  4. Beta Services may be discontinued at any time, for no reason and without prior notice
  5. Nothing in the Contract shall be construed as requiring us to release Beta Services as part of our regular Services.