Newcomer of the year

This award celebrates the best first-time storyteller on Seenit this year

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The 2020 Winner!

Seenit's Best Newcomer of the Year Award 2020 goes to Trustpilot 🏆. Here is a video to introduce and celebrate Ryan Fewsdale's outstanding effort in starting Trustie's User-Generated Video storytelling journey successfully. ⭐️

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The Nominees

We have 2 nominees

Smith & Williamson Charity 5k Walk, jog or run!

Tilney Smith & Williamson started their UGV journey three months ago with a bang! 💥 For their first project they had over 20 Senior Leaders on camera, followed by a video which marked their best performing piece of content to date. In this video more than 400 S&W colleagues braved the November weather, walking, jogging or running a 5k and documenting it all through the Seenit platform.

Trustpilot 100 Million Reviews

Trustpilot have a crystal clear vision of how User-Generated Video can help bring their Trusties' stories to life. Although very new to their journey, the team are willing to experiment with a video-first approach and employees are embracing this way of creating content enthusiastically - which fits perfectly with their company ethos. The '100 million #review mark' is one of their many notable videos created thus far and shares the team's behind the scenes achievements that may normally stay unchampioned. We are really excited to see what's to come next.