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The 2020 Winner!

Seenit's Story of the year Award 2020 goes to ViacomCBS for their 'Virtual Community Day' video. Here is a video to introduce and celebrate ViacomCBS' outstanding effort in shaping the User-Generated Video storytelling landscape. ⭐️

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The Nominees

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What is a Brand Specialist?

Amazon have honed a formula for creating truly engaging employee-led content. Find the right people, ask the right questions and give them the confidence to be themselves. This video highlights not just the job description itself but most importantly a global culture and some of the amazing people who work at Amazon. The contributors really ran with the concept - filming morning jogs, gatecrashing meetings and bringing their team in to the fold. Not your average corporate careers video eh?

ADAM Program celebrates 20 years of reuniting children with their families

The ADAM Program at RELX quickly distributes missing child posters from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to specific geographic search areas. This video features those who manage and support the program as well as those that are directly affected - including an abduction survivor sharing her harrowing story and how a missing child poster saved her life. This is an amazing example of how UGV can be used to promote an important cause and give a voice to those most affected.

Virtual Day of Service

Every year ViacomCBS take to their local communities to give back and this year was no exception! Their virtual viacommunity day was an early example of remote video production during the pandemic but the sheer numbers and the stories they collected tell an amazing story that keeps you engaged from start to finish.


Launchpad is an amazing internal initiative taking advantage of the opportunities of a huge corporate business like Vodafone to do good in the world. It also empowers employees to make a difference in areas they care about. This video combines the passion of these employees with the impact Vodafone is having collectively in creating a better world.

How we #StayConnected

Vodafone take employee content to the next level here creating something that feels like an ad you might see on TV. The editing is fast-paced, it has a fantastic backing track, and it gives us a view in to employees lives during lockdown - something we can all relate to!

This is Laurine

Laurine is an ING employee with a great story which she shared to bring us in to her world. ING do an amazing job of crossing the barrier between the personal and the professional by keeping the video format simple, raw, but authentic and by focussing only on the people who are sharing their story.

Changemakers, do your thing!

One of the key things about creating UGV content is to find your most passionate community to be your film crew. The enthusiasm and passion that comes through in this video about ING's "Change Makers" is what makes it so engaging. They mix personal and professional really seamlessly which talks to their culture as a business and you can tell the contributors had fun with making the video.

24 Hours of Colties at Home

“24 Hours of Colties at Home” is an insightful and engaging video, giving a wonderful peek into Colt’s company culture. A fantastic soundtrack, quick edits, and a true variety of content make it a great example of an uplifting and creative format.

Smith & Williamson Charity 5k Walk, jog or run!

Tilney Smith & Williamson started their UGV journey three months ago with a bang! 💥 For their first project they had over 20 Senior Leaders on camera, followed by a video which marked their best performing piece of content to date. In this video more than 400 S&W colleagues braved the November weather, walking, jogging or running a 5k and documenting it all through the Seenit platform.

Bring Beauty Back

Beautystack launched a #BringBeautyBack campaign earlier this year, where they asked their beauty professional community for help to create a film to show the impact that Covid-19 has had on them. Using Seenit, the UK beauty community could share their story with the world and let their clients, the government, and fellow professionals know that they're ready to work.

BBC's Our School

For the 'Our School' series broadcasted on the BBC, Twofour used a combination of professionally shot footage, webcam content and user-generated video created directly by the kids affected by their school being locked down. Instead of a film crew asking them questions, they empowered the kids to film it through their eyes and so have been able to capture more candid and authentic moments.

Freedom's Got Talent - Here's Walter Archer

Every now and then in the UGV realm, you'll find an amazing person with an amazing talent. How do you turn the life of a mortgage broker in to a banging hip hop track? Ask Walter! Freedom Mortgage's Talent competition is filled with gems but this one really won it for us.

Trustpilot 100 Million Reviews

Trustpilot have a crystal clear vision of how User-Generated Video can help bring their Trusties' stories to life. Although very new to their journey, the team are willing to experiment with a video-first approach and employees are embracing this way of creating content enthusiastically - which fits perfectly with their company ethos. The '100 million #review mark' is one of their many notable videos created thus far and shares the team's behind the scenes achievements that may normally stay unchampioned. We are really excited to see what's to come next.

Peter Tilley

Peter has been using Seenit at Rubix for 18 months, in which he has produced a huge variety of videos, from internal CEO communications to external facing YouTube channels, that give brilliant insights into life at the company. Peter has turned Rubix employees across Europe into storytellers and content creators. One great example of this, is Peter's “Day in the Life of a Volunteer Police Officer” with Rubix employee, Kahn. Peter wrote a fantastic shot list, coached Kahn beautifully through the whole production and edited the content himself on the Seenit platform.

Jack Cahill

Jack has been prolific in his Seenit usage over the last year, turning a whole host of projects into amazing videos. Being spread across the UK, offices and distilleries at Chivas Brothers have traditionally communicated via written formats, but with the help of Seenit video is now at the core of operations and communications. Jack is leading on a “Spirit Journey” series in which a different sector within the business create an "update video" each month, a fantastic example of which is the “Filling and Dumping” video sent around earlier this year.