How Moshi uses Seenit to crowdsource reviews and testimonials from customers

Meet Moshi

Moshi is an award-winning, audio-only app that helps kids get to sleep faster and stay asleep for longer. Owned by Mind Candy, the tech platform has over 70 hours of completely original sleep and mindfulness content, with something new added every week.

For parents struggling to get their children to sleep, Moshi has proved to be a real game-changer. Recently, a study by New York University found that kids fall asleep on average 28 minutes faster, sleep for 22 minutes longer, and night wakings decrease by up to 50% when using Moshi.


“I don't think there is anything out there that lets you pull video testimonials as easy as this”

Ed Barton, Chief Commercial Officer

The challenge

The biggest challenge faced by Moshi was balancing the friction between asking customers for testimonials and not having a channel for users to send in their reviews.

“For us, the main challenges are around trying to make the capture of testimonials easy as a process. Particularly as a lot of the parents that use our product are using it at night which isn’t necessarily the moment where you would like to record any type of testimonial.”

The solution

We worked in partnership with Moshi to understand what type of content they wanted to collect and the story they wanted to tell. We put in place a plan to utilise Seenit’s functionality to attract the right style of footage. Using features like the story introduction video, Moshi were able to show examples of the type of testimonials they were looking to create.

With the brief written, Moshi distributed the join link throughout their community. From DMs to customers to the ‘swipe up’ feature on Instagram stories, the testimonials came flooding in.

The result

Through Seenit, Moshi was able to collect testimonial videos from their customers across the world. The content was pieced together into a slick final edit through our creative services team. Moshi now had a piece of community-powered content that they could share across their channels.

Seeing well-rested, happy customers gave social proof of Moshi’s app, helping to attract new users who face that same challenge every night; putting their children to bed.

Some of Moshi's best videos