Operations 2020

Editor: Nick Streatfield


To create an informative yet personal video, targeted at both employees and the wider community, that highlights the safety measures Chivas Brothers have implemented within their sites in response to the global pandemic. Chivas came to us with the challenge of how to celebrate the steps the business is taking in order to ensure the upmost safety for key workers on site in an engaging and authentic way. Since the number of those who could contribute to this project were limited, our solution was to use engaging b-roll footage to immerse viewers and let actions speak for themselves.


We championed a select number of employees and guided them on capturing the essence of the new safety precautions that each site currently boasts. Using a carefully detailed shot list we were able to emanate the assurance these champions felt when coming to work, inject the edit with b-roll of the sites and bring it together into a succinct video that Chivas were able to share with their community.


Employees that have not been able to visit the sites were given an insight into how the company was continuing production and reassure those who would be going back on site in the foreseeable future. Chivas were also proud to share their efforts on their LinkedIn page, sitting as a company that is an advocate for putting safety of employees first. The success of this project lead to an 8 part series following the Spirit Journey.

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