Goodbye stock photos, hello user-generated content 📸

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Goodbye stock photos, hello user-generated content 📸

Our customers use Seenit to produce impactful user-generated videos every day, and we talk a lot about the power of video. Something you may not have heard as much about is people-powered photo content. We, and many of our customers, are doing some really interesting things with photos, from eliminating the need for stock imagery to popular global competitions.

We’d love to share some of what we’ve learned with you.

The beauty of using Seenit to collect photos from your people is the ease of use and employee engagement effect that comes with it. Your people can easily shoot photo in the app, or upload from the gallery on your phone and be featured across your company content - giving you an infinite pool of amazing photos to use and your employees the chance to shine.

So join Brendan from our Customer Success Team and our professional editor Nick as they talk through some of the ways you can harness the power of photos, along with tips on how to make still images pop in your edits.

Meet the speakers

Brendan Freer Photograph

Brendan Freer

Brendan has been working with Seenit customers for over three years, helping them create engaging video with their communities.
Nick Streatfield Photograph

Nick Streatfield

Nick is our very own Professional Editor here at Seenit, delivering work to our customers as part of our editing professional services.

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