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Get the most of Quick Edits as a Studio Maker during our exclusive beta. As a Maker you have access to our amazing Quick Edits tool where you can utilise brand-approved content and upload your own, to create videos in less than a minute.

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Video inspiration for your next Quick Edit 

Below are some example formats your team can create with Quick Edits. Take a look below to see how they're made!

Video formats

Job description

Use video to differentiate your job offerings, get them in front of the eyes of more people, and ultimately make more placements.

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Video formats

Employee testimonial

Showcase the culture of your workplace by putting together a collection of impactful employee testimonials. Applicants prefer to hear the lowdown directly from someone who actually works there. 

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Video formats

A day in the life of...

Potential candidates might be wondering what it's like to work in a particular role or workplace. Rather than tell, why not show them what a day in life looks like for an employee. 

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Quick Edits Top Tips

Follow these simple steps to create a Quick Edit

How to create a Quick Edit

A step-by-step guide

1. Pick a theme. This will include your opening/closing video and audio track.

2. Select your content. Choose from a library of videos and combine it with your new content, adding brand-styled text and watermarks

3. Seenit automatically generates a branded video ready to download

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