Make your content go further with a powerful video library

Save time and resources by repurposing your content and using it time and time again. Utilise powerful content management features to keep your studio organised and help your team create content.

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All your content in one place

Centralise all of your employee-generated videos into one place. The Library is the home for every piece of content you collect from your colleagues with Seenit. You can tag, download, and approve content for use in Quick Edits.

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Tag for later

Add tags to all your content to keep things organised. Create tag themes like 'Employer Brand' or 'B-roll' to find and repurpose content in future projects easily.

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Find the right clip, every time

Find and repurpose your existing employee-generated content with a powerful search tool. Search across tags, names, titles and IDs to find the right clip every time.

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Approve for editing

Use the Library to select and approve the content your team can use in Quick Edits. Ensure your team creates brand-approved content every time.

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