Easily crowdsource and create content with your colleagues

Seenit lets you create an instructional upload link that you can use to crowdsource content from your community. Save time and engage your colleagues with an employee-generated video platform that anyone can use in minutes.

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How it works

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Create a project

Set up your brief with an introduction video and filming guidelines

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Generate a link

Share the project link where anyone can view the instructions you created

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Share with your colleagues

Your colleagues will upload to your project and share their stories

Generate your upload link

Every project you create gives you a unique Uploader link to share with whoever you want to upload. This link contains everything you added to your project brief, presented neatly for your contributors to follow easily.

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Choose your recording preferences

Inform your community about the project deadline, whether you want uploads in portrait or landscape, and let them know how long you want their clips to be.

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Say hello to the Seenit Camera

Seenit Camera lets you collect high quality content from your employees. Control whether you want portrait or landscape content. No more stuttering with in-camera prompts. And all with the tap of a button, no app download required.

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All your uploads in one place

Every piece of content you receive is added to your upload page. Search, download, shortlist, and sync content to edit.

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Showcase the latest uploads

Display a live feed on your Uploader link for your community to see who's uploaded and get inspired by each other's content.

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Set your scenes

Create multiple Scenes for your colleagues to upload to individually. You can ask questions or request specific shots, and the content received will automatically be grouped in your studio.

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Message your colleagues

Send messages to the people that have contributed from inside your studio. Request reshoots, provide remote direction, or thank them for their uploads.

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