Enterprise-grade security

We have enterprise-grade security, advanced permissions, SSO, and custom terms and conditions to meet all your enterprise needs.

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Secure by design

Security is a fundamental part of our software development. All code is automatically reviewed for known security flaws beyond the OWASP Top 10. The product is scanned using 3rd party vulnerability tools and periodically by an external security provider.

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Enterprise only

Single sign-on (SSO) integration

Authentication covered. SSO authenticates users in your own systems without requiring them to enter additional login credentials.

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Restrict sensitive content

Lock down sensitive content from the Library and choose the clips you want your colleagues to have access to through our clip approval process.

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Seenit complies with GDPR regulations that focus on protecting your privacy.

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Enterprise Only

Custom terms and conditions

Reassure your compliance team by adding your own terms and conditions when collecting content.

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Enterprise Only

Global upload feed

Lockdown visibility of all content uploaded. Admins can turn off the Latest upload feed for projects containing sensitive information.

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Data security, privacy, and control over the content you collect


Secure hosting partners

Seenit uses Google Cloud and AWS as its hosting partners. Both are industry-leading suppliers and ISO 27001 certified.


Digital security

The application runs in an environment protected by firewalls. Administration access is blocked from the outside and is accessible only to system administrators. SSH key-based authentication adds additional protection.



High availability is built-in at both hardware and application level. Seenit uses Google Cloud native solutions to provide a high level of resilience.

Advanced permissions

Your unique customer account provides robust controls for dedicated user management. Access control privileges assigned to users are validated for every page hit and are consistent across the site.


Authorised data access

Access to all data is restricted to authorised customer users. Users are granted access to data by either supplying a username and password, using social login, e.g. Google, Facebook, Microsoft login, or a SAML-based SSO solution.

System reliability

With 99.9% uptime during operating hours, we offer robust SLAs designed to suit each customer.


Disaster recovery

We've got you covered with hardware architecture designed to allow recovery from a disaster in an hour, a complete list of potential disasters and procedures for recovery, hourly database backups, and a hot standby cluster always available.


Secure software development

All software follows the Secure Coding Practices Guide, published by the Open Web Application Security Project.


Data encryption

Google Cloud automatically encrypts data before persisting it to Cloud Storage and decrypts the data before retrieval. All data is written to Cloud Storage and uses 256-bit AES encryption, one of the strongest block ciphers.