Seenit for Start-ups | Employee-Generated Video Platform graphic of the Seenit platform Seenit for Start-ups | Employee-Generated Video Platform graphic of the Seenit platform

Seenit for Start-ups

The employee-generated video platform that scales as your start-up grows

Accelerate your growth with Seenit. Create content worth talking about through the lens of your team and your customers.

Seenit for Start-ups | Employee-Generated Video Platform graphic of the Seenit platform Seenit for Start-ups | Employee-Generated Video Platform graphic of the Seenit platform

Seenit for Start-ups

Stand out from the noise

Launch yourself above and beyond with authentic and powerful stories, told through the lens of your employees and customers.

Seenit for hiring

Get more quality applications

When your ideal candidate is on your career site, is it absolutely clear that this is the company for them? Why should they choose you over other alternatives? You can make that decision easier with video.

Long gone are the days when your job specs are a wall of text. Candidates expect to see what life is like inside your company and to hear from the people hiring for the role.

Seenit enables you to collect content easily from your colleagues so you can create video job descriptions.

And the best part? You can expect to see up to 35% more applications on posts accompanied by a video.

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Seenit for employer brand

Engage your community

Share the stories worth telling with your community.

Create engaging and impactful stories, on topics that matter most to you and your rising business.

Build your community up and empower them to keep on sharing.

Bring all of beauty back

Example from Beautystack

Seenit for marketing

Collect video testimonials

Video testimonials are a great way to showcase happy customers, helping to build trust and credibility.

Research shows that 79% of people have watched a video testimonial to learn more about a company or its products and services. Two-thirds of people would be more likely to buy something after seeing a video testimonial from a previous customer.

Collect and share customer love with Seenit.

What do you think of Moshi?

Example from Moshi

Seenit for marketing

Enhance your social

Engaging your network with content that resonates is crucial to growing your following and optimising social as a channel.

Video is a great way of engaging and expanding your network. Research shows that social campaigns incorporating employee-generated content see a 50% increase in engagement.

Seenit enables you to create on-brand content in minutes.

From customer testimonials to meet-the-team videos, engage your network with Seenit-created content.

Save The Street

Example from Appear Here

Seenit for marketing

Supercharge your site

High bounce rates? Low-click through rates? Struggling to generate the right leads?

Users no longer want to see videos across your site; they expect it.

Research has shown that video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more.

Take your website to the next level with employee-generated video.

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How it works

It's as easy as 1... 2... 3

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Incredible stories. Powered by people.

  • How Amazon uses Seenit to bring their employer value proposition to life

    Amazon has been using Seenit since 2018. Amazon's Employer Brand and Recruitment teams have the challenge of being the fastest growing team in the world so needing to hire at volume, while also competing against the likes of Apple and Google for the best talent in the tech space. On top of this, Amazon needed to increase trust with the brand and demonstrate their commitments to issues such as diversity and inclusion and climate change, in order to appeal especially to younger generations of talent.

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  • How Vodafone uses Seenit to bring together the voices of their employees from over 25 markets globally

    Before Vodafone had the tool Seenit, they were only able to film people in one office. Now, they can spread it globally across all markets and get that sense of inclusion and diversity

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  • How H&M North Europe is breaking down geographical barriers across 7 countries

    H&M North Europe uses Seenit to strengthen their regional community feeling through locally relevant material. As well as showing common ground and a shared sense of direction between colleagues working in different countries. Seenit has helped H&M break down geographical barriers between colleagues across 7 countries.

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