Storyteller of the year

This award celebrates the creative minds behind the stories told this year

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The 2020 Winner!

Seenit's Storyteller of the Year Award 2020 goes to Peter Tilley, Communications Director at Rubix. Here is a video to introduce and celebrate Peter's outstanding effort in shaping the User-Generated-Video Storytelling landscape. ⭐️

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The Nominees

We have 3 nominees

Jennie Carter

Jennie has been the producer behind Vodafone's amazing work in the UGV space. Her style is authentic, mixes a variety of formats and brings the Vodafone culture truly to life. A notable video of her's is How We #StayConnected which puts employees experiences of lockdown at the front and centre of Vodafone's brand.

Jack Cahill

Jack has been prolific in his Seenit usage over the last year, turning a whole host of Chivas Brothers projects into amazing videos. Being spread across the UK, offices, warehouses and distilleries at Chivas Brothers have traditionally communicated internally via more traditional means, but with the help of Seenit, video is now at the core of operations and communications with people across the business happy to jump in front of the camera thanks to Jack and his innovative way of working. Jack is leading on a “Spirit Journey” series in which a different sector within the production team create an "update video" each month, a fantastic example of which is the “Filling and Dumping” video sent around earlier this year.

Peter Tilley

Peter has been using Seenit at Rubix for 18 months, in which he has produced a huge variety of videos, from internal CEO communications to external facing YouTube channels, that give brilliant insights into life at the company. Peter has turned Rubix employees across Europe into storytellers and content creators. One great example of this, is Peter's “Day in the Life of a Volunteer Police Officer” with Rubix employee, Kahn. Peter wrote a fantastic shot list, coached Kahn beautifully through the whole production and edited the content himself on the Seenit platform.