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6 holiday video ideas and tips to boost employee engagement

Holiday season is around the corner and it's your opportunity to tell your employees how much they mean to you. Here is how to use videos to boost your messaging.

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Written by Ed Stennett

1 Dec, 2022  –  4 min read

The holiday season is fast approaching! It’s the perfect time to show your employees some extra love and gratitude, especially after all of the hard work they’ve put in throughout the year. The festivities and cheer of the holiday season are a given, but going the extra mile to say thank you to your employees can really boost morale and keep them feeling engaged and connected to your business. One of the best ways to show your employees some love is by creating a holiday video. Here are our top 6 ideas for creating a video that your employees will enjoy, will show your appreciation, and will be remembered for years to come.

Holiday Video Tips 

1. Ho-ho-highlights reel from the past year

Combine all of the best bits of your year so far and turn them into a memorable, positive holiday video. You can include photos and images from events or initiatives you’ve held throughout the year. This will work especially well if you have footage from across the business, not just of senior team members or executives. Celebrate big wins and small successes that show you appreciate your employees’ hard work from top to bottom. Make sure that the video feels inclusive and that all departments are celebrated, with ‘shoutouts’ to staff members or teams who really shone and helped to make the year special. 


2. Festive messages from the top

Sometimes it can be easy for employees to feel disconnected from their leadership team, especially in big corporations. Help to humanise your leaders and show that they value your employees by including genuine thank you messages in your holiday video. This will work especially well if they address the disconnect some employees may feel while offering reassurance that no one’s hard work goes unnoticed and that everyone has contributed to a great year. 

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3. Celebrate contributions to the community

Reminding your employees of how their hard work contributes to helping local, national and global communities can be a great way to boost festive cheer and make employees feel valued and part of something bigger. You can include thank you messages from people you’ve helped, examples of where your Corporate Social Responsibility has impacted society, and a sneak preview of what is planned for next year. CSR stories can be heartwarming and help your employees feel connected to a bigger question of why the business does what it does, making these stories ideal features for holiday videos and boosting employee engagement.

4. Be inclusive!

Celebrating diversity and inclusion within your business has never been so important as it is right now. Use your holiday message to give a voice to employees company-wide, regardless of their location, ethnicity, seniority, gender, sexual orientation or disabilities. The best way to engage your employees and make everyone feel proud to be part of the same team is to show your team in all its glory! You can make this video extra special by asking your employees to share personal stories about their highlights at work from the year to date.

5. Remind your employees of your company’s ‘why’

It is easy to get bogged down into the day-to-day workings of your job when you’re busy and hyper-focused on the tasks and projects at hand. Your holiday video can serve as a fantastic, festive reminder that there is a reason you exist as a business and that every employee shares this reason. Bring to life your mission and purpose, remind your employees of your company values, talk about your vision and your plans for next year. However you choose to approach this kind of holiday video, doing so with passion and commitment can remind your employees why they love doing what they do for your business. This, in turn, can help employees to feel especially engaged with the company and reconnected to the bigger picture of what the company wants to achieve.

6. Embrace the festive fun

Even if your company sells the world’s stiffest, most boring product or service, this doesn’t mean that your employees are stiff and boring too. People appreciate and connect with humour, especially when it really hits the mark and generates genuine laughter and smiles. So, don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself as a business, or at yourselves as senior leaders. This helps show a more light-hearted, approachable side to the business that your employees will love to see and engage with. 

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