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In video, content is king & equipment is its servant

If you’ve never heard of Casey Neistat, then you’ve probably never been on Youtube. 

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Written by Ed Stennett

23 Jul, 2018  –  3 min read

If you’ve never heard of Casey Neistat, then you’ve probably never been on Youtube. 

He is the patron saint & leading innovator of the video platform. He first changed the game by unconventionally uploading cinema quality content to YouTube in a time when it was primarily ‘cat-video’ zone. His second, & most poignant, innovation was applying a movie thought process & style to daily vlogging - an upgrade to the widespread “stream-of-conscious” video by some a Brit in Brighton.

Much like us, Casey sees that every day has a story that’s worth sharing. Even more like us, Casey believes the equipment to capture is secondary to the story- or as he put it,  

“The Story you tell is always more important than what you use to tell it…”

Casey Neistat

We couldn’t agree more considering the awesome stuff, HSBC, Benefit, & many more have made using the Seenit Capture App. When our customers get their hands on the Seenit studio, create a storyboard (displayed in the app), & start to empower people, even the camera-shy types, to get filming so many powerful tales surface. 

Sometimes it just takes a few prompts in a groovy tech tool (😉) to get authentic & valuable content from brand advocates, employees, communities & those who are best to tell the story.

Get clued in on the power of mobile video 🎥📱

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