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The AI and Employer Brand Showdown

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About this Webinar

On Wednesday, 13th March, we welcomed Riley Stefano, Global Lead for Employer Branding at DataDog, Claudiu Badea, Lead Graduate Recruiter at Shell and Dominic Joyce, Head of Talent Acquisition at Travelex, to the stage. The panel shed light on how AI is reshaping efficiency in talent management and Employer Branding while also exploring the ethical considerations and prospects of AI integration.

Driving forces behind AI adoption

We kicked off the webinar by discussing the key reasons behind the recent surge in AI adoption within the workplace. All panellists agreed with a clear theme: the need for scalability and efficiency has never been more critical. Companies leverage AI to scale their operations and work smarter, not harder.

“No one wants to be left behind when it comes to this AI space. I equate it to generations before us learning to use wifi, the internet or computers; if we don’t catch up and use AI, all of us will fall behind because AI is here, and I believe it’s here to stay.”

Riley Stefano, Global Lead for Employer Brand Marketing at Datadog

Dominic emphasised the importance of setting clear goals for AI implementation, especially when a skill shortage is fuelling the demand for AI. Emily highlighted the significance of measuring the correct outcomes after Claudiu pointed out Chat GPT was celebrating its first anniversary since launch, noting how it democratised access to AI technologies, making them more approachable for a broader audience.

AI in Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition

When discussing AI’s role in Employer Branding, Dominic shared how AI has been instrumental in screening candidates and enhancing conversations through chatbots. Riley explained the importance of a storytelling approach, using AI to amplify leaders’ voices across social media and foster a culture of employee advocacy.

From a talent attraction perspective, Claudiu warned against rushing to implement AI in processes like CV screening, advocating for a balanced approach that maintains the human touch in recruitment. The discussion highlighted the idea that, while AI can streamline operations, it cannot replace people’s voices and the empathy from human interactions.

“AI is just helping with draft number 1. We’re still taking that first draft that’s been created with AI and sharing it back with the employee, so they still have that ability to make sure it sounds like them, that it’s the story they want to tell.”

Riley Stefano, Global Lead for Employer Brand Marketing at Datadog

Ethical considerations and data privacy

It’s no surprise an important part of the conversation revolved around the ethical use of AI, especially concerning data privacy. Claudiu reiterated the risks associated with early AI adoption without fully understanding its implications on data security. This spotlights the need for transparency and care in how AI tools are implemented, particularly when handling sensitive company or employee information.

“I hope we don’t rush to use AI because it can really tarnish the employee experience. If the people that apply to a company feel they got a generic assessment, you will lose some of that credibility”

Claudiu Badea, Lead Graduate Recruiter at Shell

Looking ahead: AI in 2024 and beyond

We asked our panellists for their predictions for AI’s role in 2024; the answers were optimistic yet cautious. Dominic compared AI to training a puppy, emphasising the need for careful guidance to harness its full potential. Riley wished for innovations in local language auto-captioning and the possibility of AI-enhanced note-taking and content creation. Finally, Claudiu touched on the evolving landscape of AI development, suggesting a future where AI assists in delivering more personalised and timely responses.

“Generative AI is like a puppy that you just brought home. What you need to do to embed AI in your business effectively is train it. Harness it to make sure that it’s ready to release so that when you do let it out, you know you’ve given it all the care and all the information it needs.”

Dominic Joyce, Head of Talent Acquisition at Travelex

While 77% of webinar attendees are excited about the introduction of AI, there is an understanding of the need to navigate its adoption thoughtfully, ensuring that people remain at the heart of workplace innovations. Riley, Dominic and Claudiu acknowledged AI’s potential to assist human creativity and intelligence, setting companies up for a future where technology and people go hand in hand in creating more efficient, inclusive, and authentic workplace communications.

Key stats from panel polls

  • 79% feel we need to be careful about where and how we use AI to maintain authenticity
  • 4% felt that it’s not possible to be authentic while using AI
  • 56% of people are still only experimenting with AI in their company
  • Only 14% of people have AI embedded in their company

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Meet the speakers

Claudiu Badea Photograph

Claudiu Badea

Lead Graduate Recruiter at Shell

As the Lead Graduate Recruiter for EMEA at Shell, Claudiu connects promising young talent with meaningful careers in the energy sector. Employing a pragmatic approach to technology, he continually examines how innovations can enhance efficiency, candidate experience, and program diversity. Through strategic partnerships and talent interventions, Claudiu works to add value, enrich early careers programs, and drive diversity representation.

With a master’s in human resource management and a career journey that started as a Shell graduate, Claudiu brings a blend of academic insight and practical HR expertise. Claudiu oversees projects analysing employer branding and candidate experience to drive improvements that will secure tomorrow’s future leaders.

Riley Stefano Photograph

Riley Stefano

Global Lead for Employer Brand Marketing at Datadog

Riley’s a brand enthusiast, culture champion, avid globetrotter and dog mom who fell head first into the world of employer brand marketing, discovering a passion for engaging and attracting candidates through transparent, authentic storytelling. A data-driven people leader, Riley is helping to make the company a magnet for talent globally while managing a team of collaborative creatives who bring the Datadog story to life. She began her career in Employer Brand at HubSpot as their first Culture Content Creator, building strategies around social media marketing, workplace awards, employer reputation management, and more.

Her passion in the Employer Brand space lies in telling the stories of those who matter most, the people. Your go-to hype woman, Riley believes in the power of positivity and using storytelling to build genuine human connection.

Dominic Joyce Photograph

Dominic Joyce

Head of Talent Acquisition at Travelex

Dominic Joyce is a careers, CV and job search expert. With over a decade of experience in recruitment with companies like Klarna, Ericsson, HSBC, and now Travelex in his current role as Head of Talent Acquisition. Recognised as a LinkedIn TopVoice for Careers and Job Search Strategies and as a Thought Leader within the talent community. Appeared and been featured in numerous publications, podcasts, and events on LinkedIn, BBC News & Radio 1.

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