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Employer Branding and Internal Comms are blending

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About this Webinar

Charu takes a coffee break with Seenit.

Global Employer Brand & Communications expert Charu Malhotra is joining our CEO & Founder Emily Forbes for a coffee break discussion about what’s next for Employer Communications in a post Covid world.

Traditionally, Employer Branding was siloed from internal comms, now they have more in common than ever before. Charu will share a blend of learnings from Employer Branding, Culture and Inclusion and her view on what brands can do differently moving forward.

Meet the speakers

Emily Forbes Photograph

Emily Forbes

CEO and Founder

With a background in documentary and production, Emily founded Seenit with a mission to create a more open, human and inclusive world through the power of collaborative storytelling. With the belief that everyone has a story worth telling, and an opinion worth contributing, she has built a platform to enable any organisation to co-create User-Generated Video with their own employees, amplifying the voices of those most knowledgeable and passionate about a subject or situation. Seenit today is working across the UK, Europe and US powering stories for customers such as Amazon, Citi Bank, and Sky.

Charu Malhotra Photograph

Charu Malhotra

Industry Expert in Recruitment Communications and Employer Branding

Charu has worked in talent and branding leadership roles at Unilever, BP PLC, Primark and Ferrero. Her roles include, creating new global employer branding, development of EVP & digital talent attraction frameworks, plus recruitment marketing transformation. She is an industry expert in recruitment communications and employer marketing and branding. Charu is interested in how culture is nurtured with a particular focus on inclusion and technology. Charu believes emphatically in placing the employee and candidate experience at the centre of everything we do and is vocal about improving inclusion, engagement and belonging in business. She is CM_charu on Twitter, sharing her thoughts on all of the above plus her love of the theatre, books and Bollywood movies.

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