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Running a quick turnaround Seenit project

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About this Webinar

More than ever we’re trying to stay connected as a business, both internally and with others. Content is a key part of this, and there is no shortage of things to talk about.

With a lot of what we see and hear being quite serious due to the Coronavirus situation, it’s good to focus on lighter things too. That’s why I created a Seenit video project to gather stories of what music the Seenit team have been listening to while on lockdown. Music has been a huge comfort for me lately so I was keen to share and hear from others.

At a busy time like this where things are changing by the day, quick turnaround is important. So is not spending too much time on one task.

So join me for a short runthrough of my project from setup to final edit and collect some tips along the way.

Meet the speakers

Brendan Freer Photograph

Brendan Freer

Brendan has been working with Seenit customers for over three years, helping them create engaging video with their communities.

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