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Running a quick turnaround Seenit project

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About this Webinar

More than ever we’re trying to stay connected as a business, both internally and with others. Content is a key part of this, and there is no shortage of things to talk about.

With a lot of what we see and hear being quite serious due to the Coronavirus situation, it’s good to focus on lighter things too. That’s why I created a Seenit video project to gather stories of what music the Seenit team have been listening to while on lockdown. Music has been a huge comfort for me lately so I was keen to share and hear from others.

At a busy time like this where things are changing by the day, quick turnaround is important. So is not spending too much time on one task.

So join me for a short runthrough of my project from setup to final edit and collect some tips along the way.

Meet the speakers

Brendan Freer Photograph

Brendan Freer

With 8 years of experience across film and production, Brendan works as a video editor. He has been working with Seenit customers for nearly seven years, helping them create best-in-class videos.

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