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Basic camera angles you should know πŸ“

This episode is all about the basic camera angles and what they signify.

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Written by Ed Stennett

3 Aug, 2017  β€“  4 min read

Eye Level πŸ€“

Shooting at eye level is your standard, neutral camera angle. Think of this as the default angle to shoot from.

High Angle πŸ“

A high angle shot captures the subject from above eye level. This can make the subject seem vulnerable, weak, or small.

It can also signify that there is action happening above the subject.

Low Angle πŸ“

A low angle shot captures the subject from below eye level. This can give the effect of making the subject seem powerful, heroic, or dominant in some way.

Overhead/Bird’s-Eye-View πŸ¦…

An overhead or bird’s-eye-view shot is a high angle shot that comes from directly above the subject. Bird’s eye view shots are often used as establishing shots to show a large area.

They are also useful for demonstrations and how-to type videos.

Dutch Angle/Tilt πŸ‡³πŸ‡±

A dutch angle is shot with the camera at an angle or tilted relative to the horizon or vertical line in the shot. This gives a disoriented and unbalanced feeling, which is why they are typically used in horror or thriller films.

So be careful not to use these unless you’re going for that effect!

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