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Seenit x Creative England

I suppose it goes without saying that creativity and innovation are a cornerstone of civilization.

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Written by Ed Stennett

24 Nov, 2016  –  4 min read

I suppose it goes without saying that creativity and innovation are a cornerstone of civilization. But perhaps it is risky to think about it that way. It shouldn’t go without saying because it shouldn’t be taken for granted. We should be shouting it from the rooftops. Creativity is important! It’s necessary! It’s the driving force that moves us forward! We need those inventive, innovative minds that try to think and see the world in a new way.

As Neil Degrasse Tyson so aptly puts, “These are the people who shape civilization. If you don’t cultivate and nurture that, you might as well just move back into the cave, because that’s where we’re going to end up without it.”

Unfortunately, the creative industries are often under-funded and under-supported from their governments. This is where Creative England steps in. Their mission is to support and accelerate companies and individuals in these spaces. Using Seenit’s platform, Creative England showcases stories and thoughts from individuals across the tech/digital and film/TV spaces, from Karen Blackett (Chairwoman of MediaCom UK) to actor Simon Bird (The Inbetweeners) to our very own brilliant founder Emily Forbes.

The thing is, creativity is something that needs to be nurtured. As an American, it seems quite fitting that I would be writing about this on Thanksgiving Day. Not only am I thankful to be working in the creative industries (it was never a a career path that I received much support on from my family), I’m thankful to be in a country bursting at the seams with talent and I’m thankful to be surrounded by my Seenit family, who are a diverse, international group of brilliant individuals that embrace creativity and diversity, and who constantly inspire and nurture me and my own talents.

These videos show a creative community that is vibrant, active, and collaborative. It is uplifting to see, especially in a time when so many voices of opposition and destruction try to drown out all others.

Have no doubt, England is creative. The world is creative.

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