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How to Make Employer Branding Videos as a Hybrid Company

After what seems like an eternity of remote working, many companies have now adopted hybrid working. Here we discuss employer branding videos as a hybrid company.

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Written by Krishan Patel

6 Apr, 2022  â€“  5 min read

Many companies have adopted a hybrid working model, allowing employees to divide their time between the workplace and remote/home working. But hybrid working has also become one of the biggest employer brand challenges facing companies today.

Employer branding videos are a great way to showcase your organisation’s approach to hybrid working while putting a human face to your brand. It can show what it’s like to work for your company and provide a unique insight into your company culture and working environment. While the workplace once embodied employer brands, now it requires real stories from employees who work and thrive in a hybrid company. With people more interested in watching and listening to content than reading it, employer branding videos provide a powerful communications tool to increase applicant conversion rates by more than 80%. Video can bring your hybrid employer brand to life. So, how can you make an effective employer branding video for your hybrid company?

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What is remote/hybrid employer branding?

Every company has an employer brand. Your employer brand encapsulates the perception of your company as an employer and how you market your company to job seekers. It is about defining the company’s spirit, what it stands for and how it’s unique from competitors and then positioning those aspirations with the people you want to attract to your company.

For a hybrid or remote employer brand, it describes how your hybrid workforce fits into your company culture and what competitive advantage you have that you can offer remote employees. It communicates that your company is a good employer to work for employees who want to combine workplace and remote working.

Why invest in remote employer branding?

Investing in a solid remote employer brand expands the talent pool. It significantly expands candidate diversity, especially among those with disabilities or caretaking responsibilities that need a job that offers flexibility. By demonstrating that your employer brand appreciates the importance of remote work by offering a remote-first rather than just a remote-friendly work culture, candidates feel reassured they aren’t valued less than their office-based colleagues. A strong remote employer brand helps drive employee engagement and retention rates, helping you hold onto talented employees. It has also become a competitive advantage for many companies in recruitment and productivity.

Tips for great hybrid employer brand videos

As seen across social media, short and digestible video content is one of the best formats to let people know why they should want to work for your company. It’s a key way to get your organisation’s story out there and help you attract talent. Hybrid employer videos are a great way to share employee stories that show how your company culture influences how employees communicate with each other virtually and what it’s like to collaborate on a project from different parts of the country or even different parts of the world.

Here are our top tips for creating hybrid employer brand videos:

Show what flexible working looks like in your company

Flexible working means different things to different companies and employees, so show candidates what it means at your workplace. If your company offers flexibility and choice to employees, then show what this means with real employee stories by showing what life looks like both in and outside the workplace for staff. Show whatever processes employees use to communicate with colleagues such as video, phone calls or email to give people a glimpse at what it’s like to be part of your organisation.

Collate employee-generated videos to show your hybrid culture

Whether all your employees are working remotely or a combination of remote and in-person, you can use video to capture and communicate your company’s reality. You can use Seenit to weave employee stories together to provide a picture of your hybrid culture. It will give candidates insights into how different employees experience your culture and stay connected.

Combine hybrid and in-office employee stories

If your workforce comprises employees working remotely with those working onsite, or a mixture of the two, combine their stories in your employer branding video to show how they work together and how the company culture supports and facilitates their collaboration. 

Share how Hybrid working has benefited employees and the company

Hybrid working has benefits for both the company and the employee. It offers flexibility and freedom for employees, saves time and money, and helps them achieve a better work and life balance. Meanwhile, companies benefit from increased productivity, reduced costs, improved staff retention and a wider talent pool to recruit from. Hires no longer need to be local or access the building, providing a greater opportunity to find talent with the specialised skills you need.

Employer branding enables companies to differentiate themselves to help them recruit, engage and retain sought-after talent. Employer branding videos offer hybrid companies a valuable way to share employee stories and give clear insights into your company culture. With Seenit for employer branding, you can create a people-powered hybrid employer brand that’s not only engaging but trusted by the people that matter.

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